Galaxy S7 Edge keeps dropping calls, other issues

Welcome everyone to yet another #GalaxyS7 series post that tackles problems related to this device. As usual, the cases mentioned below are taken from reports submitted by our readers during the past few days. Here’s the complete list of issues we cover in this material today: Galaxy S7 Edge keeps dropping calls Galaxy S7 can’t send

Galaxy S6 can’t receive longer SMS, other issues

We continue to receive large numbers of requests for assistance from #GalaxyS6 series users everyday so see the need to publish posts similar to this one several times a week. If you don’t see your own case published here yet, please continue to watch out for upcoming posts in the near future.   These are the

Galaxy Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS, other issues

Here’s another roundup of issues for the #GalaxyNote5. The first one addresses an issue wherein a Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS. The rest of the issues have been dealt in our previous posts but we see it as important to provide their solutions in this material again. We hope that this article can

Galaxy S7 camera features not working with Whatsapp, other issues

We bring you four more #GalaxyS7 issues today. As always, we hope that the solutions provided here can help users who contacted us as well as those with similar problems. Don’t forget to follow previously published S7 and S7 edge articles as well. Below are specific topics discussed in this material: Galaxy S7 GPS not

Android Marshmallow update bricks a Galaxy Note 5, other issues

More and more Samsung Galaxy devices, including the #GalaxyNote5, are receiving the Marshmallow update. Although the majority of users generally find the new Android OS fun and exciting, some are also encountering issues. Some of these issues are mentioned in this post. Galaxy Note 5 not receiving all MMS from iPhones Galaxy Note 5 won’t