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MMA Establishes Privacy Guidelines For Mobile Apps

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has issued the final draft of their guidelines for privacy when it comes to mobile apps. As the mobile app ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, privacy within apps has become a hot button topic. In 2011 stories like this, about even very popular apps and the data

Brookstone Enters The Mobile Space

Do you remember back in the day before the smart phone, before android, before a palm pilot, before The Sharper Image? Do you remember back in the day when Brookstone was the supreme leader in Guy oriented gadgeteering? Fast Forward to 2010 in addition to the coolest back massaging power chairs, Brookstone carries some really

Hey MMA Forum Not as enthused about Android

As I take a break between session at #IWNY I was debating with someone, as I am often brought into, the Android vs Iphone debate. I seem to be picking up a slew of new readers every day so let me clarify real quick, I do NOT call it the Android vs Apple debate it

MMA Underway

The MMA forum is underway in New York City as part of the IWNY (Internet Week New York) The mma is all about mobile marketing, mobile video, sms mms and much more. Next up is Mike Strieb from Google. Leaning is key and empowering. Ill share more that I’ve learned later. Specifically though Soledad O’brien