Best Android-compatible fitness trackers money can buy

Whether you prefer to call them fitness trackers, activity trackers, fitness bands, or perhaps smart bands, these poor men’s smartwatches are spreading like wildfire. According to the International Data Corporation, three of the four wearable industry-leading manufacturers in Q3 2015 were specialized in such basic, low-cost gadgets, with Fitbits somehow managing even to beat the

Misfit - Fossil

Fossil acquires Misfit Wearables for $260 million

With #Fossil recently releasing the #QFounder #AndroidWear wearable for $275, it was quite clear that the company was aspirational about the wearable industry on the whole. Well, the company has now announced the acquisition of popular fitness and wearables manufacturer #Misfit for an estimated $260 million. The company was founded back in 2011 by Sunny