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TDG AT TCD: YouNow Launches At Disrupt

The Crowd at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011's Start Up Alley photo: TDG

TechCrunch Disrupt is going on in San Francisco and of course Thedroidguy has a team on the ground there.  By now we’re sure you’ve heard that Mike Arrington did do the opening remarks, his last as any official part of the TechCrunch team.  However, as Arrington pointed out, this TCD in San Francisco isn’t about Arrington it’s about the companies and one has really impressed us so far.

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TechCrunch Wins The Engadget TechCrunch War

TechCrunch CEO Heather Harde now in charge of TechCrunch and Engadget (photo: TechCrunch/Cruncbhase)

A memo this morning from AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong outlined a bunch of major changes within AOL’s advertising structure. AOL’s ad sales boss Jeff Levick is out and one of Armstrong’s confidant’s, Ned Brody is replacing him.

Armstrong, a former Google executive, has been trying to rebuild AOL into a premium content centered organization. Back in January it was reported that AOL still makes 80% of it’s revenue off of subscribers that are either too lazy to cancel their AOL subscriptions or don’t realize you no longer need to pay AOL to keep your AOL email address. Armstrong is hoping through some very lucrative content acquisitions, he can make a huge business out of and AOL owned content sites like The Huffington Post, TechCrunch and Engadget.

A few months back TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington and Engadget’s Editor In Chief, Joshua Topolsky started throwing internet blows against each other in a widely publicized internal blog war.  When news of The Huffington Post acquisition started to surface Topolsky and most of his Engadget crew started a mass exodus for This Is My Next and now The Verge.  Senior Editor Nilay Patel, immediately followed suit.

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TechCrunch Disrupt Live: Fireside Chat with Dennis Crowley, Foursquare

Foursquare announcement:

INQ Cloud Touch “Facebook phone” available in the UK.  Default INQ view for location data will show Foursquare by default.  Dennis Crowley, “Seeing this as a great way to introduce people to foursquare.”

This is not available yet.  As it is updated some point during the summer it will have foursquare added to stock.

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You Don’t Get To 500 Million Friends Without Winning Some Golden Globes

Tech fans around the world were looking for a new movie, a new movie about life in the tech world, the next Pirates of Sillicon Valley.  When we started hearing rumblings of the “Facebook Movie” we were originally thinking it would be an egotiscitcal diatribe to Mark Zuckerberg.  Mixed reviews were out on the not even 30 year old CEO of the largest social network in the world, let’s see how it looked on the big screen…

We quickly fell in love with the Social Network.  It was as driving as the original Wall Street (Wall Street 2 sucked), it had the drive of Boiler Room or Glen Garry Glen Ross. It had the yelling and screaming of pirates, well not exactly we never saw Zuckerberg walk into the office of the Winklevoss twins to see the twins turn around and say “YOU STOLE FROM US”… but nonetheless Awesomesauce doesn’t even describe the movie.

The only movie that I would anticipate more is “The Towns” The story of AOL’s Tim Armstrong, Tech Crunch’s Michael Arrington and Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky.  (we are kind of seeing that one playout on Business Insider)

But back to the story of the moment. The Social Network opened with a minimum release before going to a lot more theaters, flanked by some of the best billboards we’ve ever seen in New York City. And tonight at the Golden Globes it won Best Picture, Best Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin), Best Score (Trent Reznor) , and Best Director (David Fincher)

Mark Zuckerberg told 60 minutes that at first he wasn’t going to even see the movie and then at the last minute he took the entire Facebook staff to see it.  We saw it in San Fransico while we were in town for CTIA back in October.  The movie is great if you haven’t seen it go rent it now.


Mikes Arrogance Or Business Insiders Ignorance? OpED

So the other day Mike Arrington called out the Engadget possee for purchasing ads on Google.  Engadget quicky rebutted saying that AOL paid for those ads and not them.  Business Insider (for the same reason I’m doing this right now, to get more hits LOL) decided to postulate a hypotehsis on this and suggest that Mike Arrington was AOL’s Public Enemy Number One… Is Business Insider so naive as to think AOL didn’t do it’s due diligence?

Did AOL not realize that Arrington in some circles is called Mike Arrogant? Did they not realize that if you don’t come correct in asking for Techcrunch coverage you don’t get techcrunch coverage? Did they not realize if your idea sucked and your product was stupid not just Arrington but anyone of the crunchers would do the world a service and let you know?

They went on to suggest that no commentator in 2011 would dare cross their bosses, at least not one Business Insider could track down.  I guess they don’t listen to Michael Savage, Howard Stern, or even back in the day Don Imus.  And while they may not make it a daily ritual to cross Fox News, both Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reiley have been critical of News Corp, Fox News’ parent company.

Then they went on to suggest that Engadget was at CES all by themselves making money for AOL. Sure they were there everywhere you turned you bumped into Paul Miller or Josh Topolsky but at the same events were John Biggs or Matt Burns. They even highlighted how they pulled off their video coverage. We even ran into John Biggs at a Samsung after event way into the next morning.

Are Engadget and Tech Crunch expected to act like loving brothers and sisters now the same way say Kmart and Sears do?

In my radio days in the 90s was when consolidation had just begun. I was doing nights in a major market and my rival had just been bought by Chancellor Media (two evolutions before Clear Channel) now I’m supposed to diss this schlep rock while looking at him through a fish bowl window. Or was I supposed to say Now lets be buddies.

Arrington makes no bones about his feelings for his new corporate home but don’t for a second think he was going to be blogging from some back alley street corner if AOL hadn’t come along. And dont for a second think he got the deal he wanted. According to internet reports he’s virtually untouchable for three years.  The way he wanted it.

In media how are two rival teams supposed to cooperate under the same parent? Did we really not expect Arrington to well be Arrington? Did we really not expect Josh Topolsky to go crying to mommy and daddy?

Post purchase blog posts of both Engadget and Tech Crunch both say that AOL lets both properties operate independently, the way that they were before bought by AOL. Although Engadget has been with AOL a lot longer than TechCrunch, they still have some degree of Independence. Do we think for a second that Arrington wouldn’t call Engadget out if both companies were still independent?

Chankukah Song 2010 Style

It’s almost time to spin a driedel
Put on your yamakah its time for chanukah
It’s so much funkah to celebrate chanukah
Chanukah is The Festival of Lights
Instead of 1 day of presents we get 8 crazy nights

So if you feel like the only geek in town
without a christmas tree
Here’s a cooler list of people who are jewish
Just like you and me

Michael Dell, uses his Dell Streak to read the Torah
Then flies to Redmond and Grabs Steve Ballmer to do a Horah
Guess who cant share their gelt or their Chanukah toys
Larry Ellison From Oracle
and All 3 Google Boys,

Tom from myspace is only half jewish
But Zuckerberg is all jew
Put them together and theres no more friends left in the world for you

We’ve Got Billionarie George Soros, and Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel
Andy Rubin From Google is Jewish
And yes Androids numbers are real

Put on your yamaka
Its time for Chanukah

No one at LG, Samsung
Or Yamaha
Celebrate Chanukah

Steve Jobs, Still Not a jew
But guess who is Steve Wozniak his former number 2

Motorola Had A CEO that was Jewish
But  he retired, so they hired a goy no wait make that two

Ivan Seidenberg From Verizon Is Jewish
They don’t care what you call LTE cuz its fast

Guess who got Bar Mitzvahed, Playing Farmville with all of us
No im not talking about your Aunt Betty, But Zynga Founder Mark Pincus

So Many Jews are in the Tech Biz
Walt Mossberg is proudly Jewish, But Arrington wont say if he is

Skype Josh Silverman,and Yelp Jeremy Stoppleman,
It’s Time to celebrate Chanukah
Its not pronounced CH-anukah the c is silent in Chanukah
So wear your Android Swagonica
Get Drunk in the Valley of Sillicononica
If you really wantaca
Have a Happy Happy Chanukah

-By Some Guy Named Sandler (no the other one)