Best mobile Bluetooth keyboard accessories for your Android tablet

Let’s be frank; we were all a little wary of tablet PCs when they first emerged as “laptop replacements.” Clearly, they had nothing on traditional computers in terms of power and productivity, merely standing out with compact form factors and, iPads notwithstanding, affordability. Only even the latter forte didn’t seem enough to make a stand

Which Tablet is Good For You? – Guide

So we’ve now seen plenty of tablets hit stores or preparing to hit stores. The most recent additions being the Nexus 7 (3G variant), Nexus 10, iPad Mini, the fourth-gen iPad, Microsoft Surface RT, Kindle Fire HD, Nook HD etc. With the holiday season upon us, people are looking forward to getting one of these

The iPad Mini has Materials Worth $188 Inside

It’s that time again where a newly launched device gets the teardown treatment to reveal quite a few of its characteristics. With reparability being the prime focus, we are also given an insight at what’s running inside. And it’s the iPad Mini this time which receives the teardown treatment. It’s not iFixit though, but IHS

Microsoft is planning to develop its own line of smartphone

The launch of Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT paved a way to a brighter future for the company striving to compete with current industry players, namely, Apple and Google. While Microsoft still holds the crown being the software giant, recent reports suggest it is planning to take on a different route by

Microsoft Surface now up for pre-order, supply falls short

Microsoft Surface has been put up for pre-order starting yesterday, October 16th. Contrary to what analysts say that it will not perform well in the market the company is trying to take control, it seems like there are many people who would want to try it out than we expect. Sources who are close to

Microsoft Surface Tablet Worries Acer, HP, Dell

While tech enthusiasts are waiting for the release of Microsoft Surface Tablet which is set on October 26th, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are wary Microsoft might be taking their place on the shelf. Tensions between the software giant and OEMs are starting to build up just as Surface is nearing release. Taiwan-based computer manufacturer Acer

HP Ditches Immediate Plans for Windows RT Devices

Hewlett-Packard Co. (better known as HP) confirmed reports that it will not be jumping into the Windows RT realm… at least, not now. The company said Friday that while it is trying to rebuild its momentum in the world of technology, it will manufacture more tablets based on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8, and