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5 Best MicroSD Memory Card For iPhone X

So imagine this: you just bought the iPhone X, but only bought the 64GB model because it’s ridiculously expensive. You transfer everything over from your old phone to you new iPhone X, and now, you only have a few gigabytes of space left. After a few months using your iPhone X, you’ve filled up even

Samsung UFS Card

Samsung announces blazing fast UFS removable cards to replace microSD

Samsung Electronics has just unveiled a new series of UFS 1.0 based removable cards, which looks exactly like a microSD card, but comes with significantly faster data transfer speeds. The UFS cards are based on the UFS 1.0 standard, with the company using UFS 2.0 based modules for the internal storage on its flagships (starting with

Lexar 128GB microSD

[Deal] Lexar 128GB microSD card for $44.95

Lexar’s 128GB microSD card is now available for a very reasonable $44.95 from eBay. This card is compatible with most modern day flagships and a handful of mid-ranged offerings, so the possibilities are practically endless with an accessory such as this one. If you don’t have a compatible phone, remember that this can also be

Lexar microSD 64GB

[Deal] Lexar high-performance 64GB microSD card for $19.99

Lexar’s 64GB microSD card is now available for a miserly $19.99 from eBay. You can even choose to get two 32GB microSD cards for about the same price, which is worth a look if you want multiple cards. To sum up, customers who are shopping for a new microSD card are in for a treat thanks


[Deal] 128GB microSD card from PNY for $34.99

You can get the #PNY 128GB microSD card for a smooth $34.99 courtesy of a new deal running on Amazon. This microSD card can be used with compatible smartphones as well as tablets, so this could be a worthy addition to your list of devices. This is a Class 10 card, which means you’ll get the

SanDisk 200GB

[Deal] SanDisk 200GB microSD card available for $79.99

SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card can now be snatched for just $79.99 thanks to a new deal running over at Amazon. The deal was very popular a few weeks ago, but the seller decided to revert back to its original pricing. But customers will be pleased to know that the $80 promo is back again. Bear in

SanDisk 200GB

[Deal] 200GB microSD card from SanDisk for just $89.95

You can now get SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card for an amazing $89.95, which is about $160 off on the original asking price of $249.99. Pretty impressive right? Well, we’re not sure how long this pricing will last, so make sure you get hold of this microSD card before the retailer changes his mind. The card also

Lexar 128GB microSD card

[Deal] Get a Lexar 128GB microSD card for just $59.99

Let’s face it, microSD cards are a god send for devices that don’t offer a lot of internal storage. But these storage modules are certainly not cheap. But you can now get one for a fraction of the price via #Amazon, thanks to a new deal. Lexar’s 128GB microSDXC card is now selling for just $59.99

SanDisk 200GB

[Deal] 200GB SanDisk microSD card now available for just $99.99

We recently spoke about a deal running on #Amazon for the #SanDisk 200GB microSD card. The deal offered the microSD card for just $135, which was pretty decent considering its original pricing. A quick look at Amazon now tells us that the same microSD card can now be bought for just $99.99, making it a tough deal

Samsung microSD

[Deal] Samsung’s 64GB EVO microSD card selling for just $17.57

There aren’t a lot of #Android smartphones out there that support microSD cards, with the #LGG4 being the only flagship with a microSD card slot that comes to mind right now. But if you own a device like that, there’s always the choice of expanding the internal storage. If you’re one such customer, you can now

Samsung Galaxy S7 to come with a microSD card slot: Report

We’ve been hearing bits and pieces about the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 over the past couple of weeks, with the most recent report suggesting that the company could be looking to use Qualcomm’s #Snapdragon820 SoC underneath. An even newer report is now telling us that Samsung will release the Galaxy S7 next year with a microSD card slot

Samsung microSD

[Deal] Over 60% discount available on Samsung microSD cards

Smartphones and tablets these days don’t come with microSD card slots as manufacturers are more reliant on the native storage, and with good reason. But there’s no denying that there are still quite a few devices out there that come with a microSD card slot by default and for those devices, Amazon is holding a solid