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Nintendo Switch SD Cards

5 Best Micro SD Card For Nintendo Switch

The world of gaming faced the biggest revolutions with the invention of Nintendo switches in 2017. They were a massive success and every gamer, whether casual or professional, embraced this product. The only downside to this gadget was the limited storage memory. Most of the trending games needed space as higher as 32GB which is

galaxy s3 micro sd card

Solution to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Micro SD Card Problem

Recently, we have encountered a question concerning the external memory of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Here is the exact question sent to us through Mailbag: “Recently I have taken many photos (300+) and it’s stored on the Micro SD of my phone.¬† But recently, the phone kept freezing and deleting all my photos.¬† Actually, I’m

moving apps to sd card

Moving Apps to SD Card of Samsung Galaxy S4

If you have recently updated the operating system of your Samsung Galaxy S4 to its latest version, moving apps to SD card is already possible. Moving apps to SD card is a great way to leave the internal memory of your phone some breathing room. Moving Apps to SD Card For those who are not