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Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note - Black

Xiaomi to bring its Mi Note devices to the U.S.?

#Xiaomi as we all know has been relatively non-existent from the American mobile market. The co-founder and President of Xiaomi, Lin Bin has now said that there might be a possibility of the company releasing the #MiNote or the #MiNotePro devices in the U.S. He gave out the information while speaking at the WSJDLive conference. Of course,

Mi Note Bamboo

Xiaomi has a new bamboo version of the Mi Note

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has just unveiled a new variant of the Mi Note flagship sporting a bamboo back panel. This is similar to what OnePlus did with its StyleSwap covers, although it was shut down prematurely. Unlike OnePlus though, the bamboo Xiaomi Mi Note will be offered by default and not as a replaceable back

Xiaomi Mi Note - Black

Xiaomi unveils Mi Note to compete with the iPhone 6 Plus

Xiaomi has just taken the wraps off its flagship phablet, the Mi Note. This will directly compete with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus as the company repeatedly hinted during the announcement. It is important to understand that the Mi Note is in no way related to the Redmi Note, which is Xiaomi’s midrange offering. The