LG & MetroPCS Re-Upping Optimus M To Optimus M+

The original LG Optimus M on MetroPCS was by no stretch a bad phone. It was a  solid mid-range phone on a cost conscious prepaid network. It appears that LG and MetroPCS are re-upping the Optimus S from top to bottom. The newer version will be called the LG Optimus M+. According to Pocketnow the

HTC One V To Come In Purple And Black

The HTC One V is the lower end device in HTC’s new One series of smartphones that were announced at Mobile World Congress last month. Although it’s the device with the lower end specs, it does bring back the familiar “chin” that we saw on the original HTC G1 when Android first came out. The

Virgin Mobile, US Cellular And Metro PCS To Get HTC One V

Typically when a new device is released it takes a little bit of time on the market before the device, or a revised version of it, hits carriers like Virgin Mobile, Metro PCS and US Cellular.  That’s not the case with the new HTC One series of Android smartphones. On Sunday at Mobile World Congress

If MetroPCS Drops Their Unlimited Plan Does Anybody Notice?

Despite the fact that MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier, they were the first in the United States to introduce 4G LTE. They even beat Verizon to the punch, although Verizon now has the largest 4G/LTE network in the country. When MetroPCS introduced their 4G/LTE network they did it with the Samsung Craft a 4G/LTE feature

MetroPCS CFO: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Likely To Fail

BGR is reporting today that MetroPCS CFO J. Braxton Carter has said that AT&T’s proposed $39 billion dollar merger with T-Mobile is likely to fail. Someone please send a memo to Mr. Carter and let him know that at 10:00 pm at night it’s likely to be dark. What was the first indication for this

MetroPCS Adds HTC Wildfire S To Their Line Up

MetroPCS has added the HTC Wildfire S to their line up of Android smartphones. The HTC Wildfire S has been making it’s rounds on prepaid carriers with the latest being MetroPCS. The Wildfire S is a compact, stylish Android device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread with HTC’s UI, HTC Sense on top making it easy to

Metro PCS To Get Samsung Admire With Android 2.3 Gingerbread

MetroPCS is probably the most aggressive regional/prepaid carrier in the United States. They were the first carrier in the US to rollout any kind of 4G/LTE network. They’ve also been supportive of Android and currently has 4 Android handsets in their line up. Unfortunately none of them have the latest version of Android, Gingerbread. Unwired

LG Revolution Headed To MetroPCS As LG Bryce

Metro PCS the first carrier in America to offer a 4G/LTE network is adding another Android device to it’s roster.  With Virgin Mobile on the brink of releasing a powerful Android device to it’s prepaid customers in the Motorola Triumph, MetroPCS is firing back by bringing the LG Bryce. The LG Bryce bares a very

Affordable Huawei Android Comes To MetroPCS

Huawei broke big news in June when it was announced that their Huawei Glory was headed to prepaid carrier Cricket Wireless. The Glory is supposed to have a dual core 1.4ghz processor and a whole lot more.  Well this isn’t nearly as big news as the Glory but Huawei has released another Android to another