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Amid growth slowdown, are tablets losing their appeal?

IDC says tablet sales growth have considerably slowed down this year. Does this mean tablets are starting to fizzle out in popularity? What’s the next big trend, then? The year 2013 was the year of Android tablets. During that period, tablet sales grew 51.6 percent over 2012 figures, mostly fueled by sales of inexpensive no-brand

Millennial Media shows big August numbers for Android!

One of the more tired arguments I have heard recently is that Android is not out to target Apple. I hear that Android is here to target RIM, or Windows Mobile, or even Palm. Understand this pretty clearly, Android is scaling to be above everybody, and to hide behind any other statement is a joke.

Rescuing the good ship “Market”

I hear this complaint every single day, typically more than twice. The Android Market is seriously flawed, and it’s drastic improvement will be critical for Android to survive. Android is winning in a number game right now. It’s the only one growing – because it’s available everywhere. That focus is only going to work for