In defense of mobile messaging apps

Chat apps are popular, but some folks still prefer good ol’ SMS. If you’re one of those still sticking with SMS, here are a few points that might convince you to go for chat apps instead. Last week I was texting with my brother who lives across town. Given my interest in mobile chat apps

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 notification sound

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Text Notifications Not Showing Up

Recently, we received a message from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner who is experiencing problems in his notifications. In his message, he stated that his text notifications are not showing up. For people who are experiencing this problem, here are some possible ways to fix the problem: 1. Reboot the Phone Assuming that your

3 things we can learn from LINE’s planned IPO

The messaging space is a lucrative industry today, with apps like Whatsapp, LINE, WeChat, Viber and the like growing to hundreds of millions of users in a span of months. In fact, LINE — an app developed by Korean search company NHN Naver and its Japanese subsidiary NHN — reportedly earns upwards of US$ 10

BlackBerry may spin off BBM into its own company

With the downfall of BlackBerry and BB10 not gaining enough traction to really make a mark, the company may look at spinning off their biggest app, BBM. The messaging service would become a subsidiary of BlackBerry and that way it would be easier to market to potential buyers, who may not want to buy the