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Report states that Sprint’s acquisition of T-Mobile unlikely to happen

The CEO of Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile USA), Timotheus Hoettges has mentioned that the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint is unlikely to go through due to regulatory obstacles that lie ahead of them. It was recently revealed that the FCC wasn’t really convinced with Sprint acquiring T-Mobile, so the CEO’s words don’t come as a surprise.

Sprint first quarterly results out: Managed to narrow down losses

  Sprint recently released their first quarter earnings of 2013. The 3rd largest carrier in US managed to narrow down their losses as compared to their previous year’s figure and managed to improve their revenues to $8.8 billion. The company is having a bad phase right now and its plan to leave Nextel may somewhat

T-Mobile And MetroPCS Merger Was In The Works Since December 2011

A proxy statement that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by MetroPCS says that the merger with T-Mobile USA has been in planning a whole lot longer than what was originally thought. T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekon, attempted to merge with T-Mobile USA a mere two days after the company originally failed

T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger sinks stocks

T-Mobile and MetroPCS have shared to the media their plans of a merger to take on their bigger competitor. Reports suggest that their plans have already been approved and that they are now in the process of ironing out things. These companies are the fourth and the fifth largest wireless carriers in the United States,

Rumor: AT&T To Buy Cricket Wireless (Leap) Analysts Say Not Likely

Ever since the failed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, speculation has been running rampant as to what AT&T is going to do next to help with the “spectrum crunch” and AT&T’s rising number of customers. Rumors have circulated that AT&T may consider buying MetroPCS or Leap Wireless, the parent company to Cricket Wireless. Cricket said

DOJ Approves Google Motorola Mobility Merger

On Monday we reported that the European Union’s regulators approved the pending sale of Motorola Mobility to #google. Now, it looks like the United States Department of Justice has approved the pending merger as well.  The DOJ has closed the antitrust investigation and released this statement saying the acquasition was “unlikely to substantially lessen competition.”

European Regulators Approve Google’s Merger With Motorola Mobility

At one point in time it was believed that getting European Union approval of the proposed Google/Motorola merger would be one of the hardest parts of completing the whole deal. It looks like that wasn’t the case as Google announced this morning that European regulators have approved Google’s purchase of Motorola. This comes fresh on

Sprint Releases Statement On Official Break Up Of AT&T/T-Mobile

Monday afternoon AT&T announced that they were no longer seeking to merge with T-Mobile. That leaves AT&T on the hook for a $4 billion dollar break up payment to the nations 4th largest carrier. It hasn’t looked good for the proposed merger since Thanksgiving. That was when AT&T withdrew it’s application to merge with T-Mobile

AT&T Issues Statement On T-Mobile Merger

Things aren’t looking good for AT&T and their quest to merge with T-Mobile. As we all know by now AT&T withdrew their application to merge with T-Mobile over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Now they’ve asked the department of justice to postpone their court case until January, however they definitely don’t want the DOJ to throw out

AT&T Responds To FCC Report On Merger With T-Mobile

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday AT&T withdrew it’s application to merge with T-Mobile from the FCC. This came in response to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski requesting an FCC administrative hearing on the proposed merger.  It was also widely speculated that AT&T was hoping to suppress information that the FCC may release during that hearing. The FCC

FCC Releaes Report On AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Despite Withdrawal

The proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger came to a head over the Thanskgiving holiday weekend as AT&T and Deutsche Telekom withdrew their application for merging from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Just as many American’s were preparing for their Thanksgiving weekend, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski had requested that the merger go to an administrative hearing by the

AT&T Extends Date For T-Mobile Merger

Last March right before CTIA in Orlando when AT&T announced they intended to purchase T-Mobile for $39 billion dollars they thought that the sale would potentially close before the end of the year. Now of course, we know that it won’t. A lawsuit from the Department of Justice along with suits brought by Sprint and

AT&T Files Motions To Get Sprint & CSpire Suits Dismissed

AT&T is trying for dear life to hang onto the proposed buyout of T-Mobile. Today, AT&T filed motions to have the lawsuits filed by CSpire (formerly Cellular South) and the nation’s third largest wireless carrier, Sprint, dismissed. Sprint responded to AT&T’s motion with the following statement: “There’s nothing surprising about AT&T’s motion to dismiss this

Cellular South Files Lawsuit To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

The largest independently owned regional wireless carrier in the country, Cellular South, filed a lawsuit Tuesday, in an attempt to block the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Cellular South is the 9th largest carrier in the US by sales and operates in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Kentucky. Despite being a smaller carrier, Cellular South joins the

T-Mobile VP Backs AT&T Merger

Well of course they do! T-Mobile’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Tom Sugrue, has publicly backed the proposed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Well that’s his job. Other than that though he has made some remarks that are directly from the bullet points of the merger information sheets. Sugrue has said that “the facts will

AT&T Responds To Sprint’s Lawsuit

Earlier in the day we reported that Sprint filed a lawsuit against the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  Sprint went for the jugular and in addition to calling out the merger as bad for consumers, bad for competition and bad for innovation they also said they intend to prove that the merger is illegal. AT&T didn’t sit back

Sprint Files Lawsuit To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Calls It Illegal

Last week we reported that the United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. For the most part the DOJ’s suit said that the proposed merger would stifle competition and be unfair to consumers. In Today’s filing by Sprint they flat out call it illegal. Susan Z. Haller, Sprint’s