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Use Meporter To Report Your Holiday News This Weekend. Also They Have A Contest Announcement

Meporter paved the way for “you report the news” apps earlier this year when they arrived on the scene at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC.

Meporter is a relatively new app for Android that allows you to become a person on the street instant journalist. Many times when people see breaking news these days like car wrecks, fires, big gigantic sales, and other interesting events they take to Twitter and Facebook to “report” the news. Some folks will constantly update the news, like we did once last May during a big fire in San Francisco. Others prefer a few short paragraphs on their Facebook page.

More after the break plus Meporter is having a really cool contest!

Meporter For Android And How It Got Here

There’s been a lot of buzz about Meporter for Android, and that’s awesome because the idea behind the app and the app itself are awesome. The reason for the buzz though is the Android developer for meporter is Stephen Erickson who we know and love as Stericson.

Cameron and I first heard about merporter at TechCrunch Disrupt.  We actually met the CEO, Andy Leff’s, father first.  The elder Leff  has an uncanny resemblance to Al Pacino. Because meporter was launching from TechCrunch on the first day they couldn’t tell us what meporter even was, much less what it did. And when we asked they said it was going to be for iPhone first and come to Android later, well that’s what they “ALL” say.

On day two after the cat was out of the bag I really loved the idea, you report the news. I had just returned from a 6 week trip to San Francisco and many of you may remember right after appnation and about a week before Google I/O actually May 4th to pin it down, the hotel across the street from my hotel had caught on fire, like big fire. Smoke was everywhere and I was tweeting videos and photos as fast as I could type. I’d take a photo with one phone, upload it to twitter while shooting video on the other. Thedroidguy’s tweets got picked up by the local newspaper and the local ABC affiliate.

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The Droid Guy, Meporter, LiveShare And The 360 App Present Mobile Moment To Remember

September 11th Mobile Moment In Time by Thedroidguy


This weekend Thedroidguy, TDGN, Meporter, Liveshare and The 360 App present Mobile Moment In Time.  This weekend as American’s celebrate the memories of loved ones, friends, co-workers, firefighters, police officers and first responders lost in the 9/11 tragedy 10 years ago, we will be in New York, and Washington DC for the memorial events.

We invite you to participate too, whatever your doing to remember this weekend, whether it be a Patriot Day cookout, or traveling to a memorial, whatever it is share it.  Use our mobile moment in time Liveshare gallery. Post to twitter with the hashtag #Mobilemoment, or report it on meporter.

Meporter allows you to report the news, your local news, wherever you are. Simply download the meporter app from the Android Market here and report whatever you feel is newsworthy. This weekend whatever it is you’re doing for the 9/11 weekend.

We’ll take all the shared stories, photos, and videos and preserve them for many years to come.


To publish to our liveshare get the Liveshare app from the Android Market and search Thedroidguy or Mobilemoment

And all weekend long make sure to check out our tribute to 9/11 on Slacker Radio at

Vote For Meporter In Bloomberg TV’s Tech Stars Competition

You’ve heard about meporter quite a bit here at Thedroidguy. Although it’s only an iPhone application at this point in time, Android community activist, hacktivist, and developer Stephen Erickson (better known the to the world as Stericson) has been hired by meporter to spearhead their way onto Android phones across the world.

Meporter is a great way for normal people to report the news. Anything from a car accident, crime, or even a play, or something going on around you.  This is crowdsourcing at it’s finest and news reporting at the core.

click here to vote for Meporter

Stephen Erickson (Stericson) To Head Android Development At Meporter & We’ve Got Another Opening

Every once in a while, when the time is right and there are a lot of companies looking we post a Developer Job Fair Friday post.  These posts are targeted at the thousands of developers who have been working on the side, at night, in the wee hours of the morning, in the bedroom, basement or at the kitchen table perfecting their craft.  If you comb through Twitter, XDA, RootsWiki or any other developer site, there are always hundreds of people crying out that they wish they could do this full time.

We actually get more emails, Gtalk messages, Direct Messages and now Google+ messages from people who want to work in Android “Full Time” than we do messages from people complaining we tweet the same story too much.

Well now get off your ass and do something about it, Stericson did.

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