Top Android smartphones with the highest screen-to-body ratio

Gadget display borders have made for a delicate, controversial, sometimes even uncomfortable topic basically since the inception of the so-called mobile tech industry. Okay, so maybe this wasn’t really a focal point back when the Nokia 1100 was selling in hundreds of millions of copies, but the prospect of a truly “bezel-less” smartphone captured the

Meizu Mix

Meizu Mix is a new smartwatch with an analog watchface

#Meizu has just announced its crowd-funded smartwatch, the Mix. The wearable will be sold with an analog watchface, which makes it quite unique among the wearables available in the market today. The wearable will be available in Denim, Leather and Stainless Steel with Black and Silver variants on offer. It is running a customized smartwatch

Top 10 Android smartphones capable of fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint scanners. Can’t have a flagship smartphone without one in this day and age, but the Android handhelds that do support the futuristic method of biometric authentication are often accused of shoddy, gimmicky execution. Even when done properly, the technology continues to stir up controversies, although Apple fans were very quick (and proud) to adopt

Best ultra-low-cost Chinese smartphones readily available stateside

Contracts are so 2010. Nowadays, it’s all about the unlocked and prepaid gear. It’s just far more convenient that way, not to mention oftentimes cheaper, at least over the long haul. T-Mobile is climbing the US carrier (or rather “Uncarrier”) ranks thanks to its lauded no-contract Value Plans, Motorola has reclaimed a lot of its

Meizu MX4 Pro

Meizu MX4 Pro up for grabs globally at $379

The Meizu MX4 Pro smartphone was announced back in October by the Chinese manufacturer. While most of us figured that the smartphone would be limited to the Asian markets, the company made it available to the world through online portal Oppomart. Today, the smartphone has received a price cut for the global customers. The 16GB model of

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu

Meizu to show off Ubuntu version of the MX4 smartphone at the MWC

Ubuntu Touch has been available for quite some time now. Canonical, the developers behind Ubuntu, have partnered with a number of manufacturers to show off the software on their devices. It seems like Chinese manufacturer Meizu will be the latest to join the list of companies to support Ubuntu. The company will reportedly show off

Meizu MX5

Meizu MX5 could feature a mammoth 41MP camera

According to a new rumor, the Meizu MX5 could be the most powerful Android camera-phone yet with its 41-megapixel camera sensor. The smartphone will most likely be announced at the MWC event next week, which is an excellent platform for device announcements. Tipsters claim that the smartphone will also feature a 5.5 inch 2K resolution

Meizu MX4 Launch

Meizu MX4 to be formally unveiled on the 4th of September

We have heard rumors about the Meizu MX4 for quite some time now, although the device never really got announced. The company has now started issuing invites for an event scheduled for the 4th of September with the specific purpose of launching this oft rumored handset. Originally, the MX4 was one of the early 2K

Meizu MX4

Front panel of the Meizu MX4 reveals super slim front bezels

The Meizu MX4 could have the slimmest front bezels of any smartphone we’ve seen so far, if a leaked front panel of the handset is anything to go by. Meizu is a relatively unknown OEM outside China, but widely popular in its home country. The front panel here is compared with a Sony Xperia device

Meizu MX3 and MX2 getting the Android 4.4.2 update this month

Chinese manufacturer Meizu has announced that the MX2 and the MX3 smartphones will start receiving the Android 4.4.2 update later this month. The MX2 broke cover in 2012, so it’s commendable of Meizu to bring an update to its older smartphones as well. The MX3 however is its current flagship and was long expected to

Meizu Arrives In France, Press Conference Scheduled March 6

Chinese smartphone maker Meizu has been quite busy lately. The company was present during the recently held CES 2014 and MWC 2014 and has now announced that it will be hosting a press conference this coming March 6 in France. This upcoming event will launch their brand in Europe which is already becoming quite popular.

Meizu MX3 landing in the U.S. by Q3 2014

Meizu is one of the premier Android OEMs in China and is known for its low cost superphones like the MX3 which broke cover recently in its home turf. But with the company showing willingness to expand into the U.S. soon, it was only a matter of time till it announced official availability of the

Meizu MX4G

Meizu MX4G will reportedly pack a 5.5 inch 2K resolution display

Just as customers get accustomed to their 1080p displays, Chinese manufacturers are looking for the next big thing already. We recently heard of the Vivo Xplay 3S smartphone, packing a 5.5 inch 2K (2560×1440) resolution display. And today we have another Chinese manufacturer Meizu following suit with a similar smartphone of its own. According to