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HBO Go will be coming to the Chromecast

HBO has announced they are actively exploring the Chromecast, but have yet to give a date on when the HBO Go app will be coming to the media streaming dongle. The Chromecast was released last week and already both the media and consumers have been parading it as one of the biggest achievements for Google


Netflix launching user profiles later this year

Netflix will be launching new user profiles sometime early next year at CES 2014. These new profiles will allow users to get better recommendations and have their own profiles integrated into the Netflix hub. This will mean if a Netflix subscription is shared in a household, users will not have to worry about recommendations and

Corsair to Purchase Simple Audio

Scotland-based company Simple Audio announced today that it has been acquired by Corsair, the American PC component manufacturer. Simple Audio is a five year old audio company which is perhaps best known in Europe for its series of networked set-top receivers. Similar to the Sonos that are capable of sharing music from PCs, Macs, iPods,

Intel to Release Set Top Streaming Box

Turns out the recent rumblings of Intel releasing a media streaming box to compete with the Apple TV and Roku were right. Erik Hugers, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Media announced at D:Drive Into Media 2013 that Intel would in fact be getting into the streaming set top box arena. Like other set top