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Yelp’s New Beta Redesigns The App With Material In Mind

While many apps have changed over the years, Yelp’s app has been largely stagnant, largest since the Android 2.3 Gingerbread days. But with a new version 7 beta, Yelp is looking to change that. What’s very clear about this update is that Yelp is looking to fit in with the modern design of Android, with

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Material Design update of Google Hangouts leaks out

While most of Google’s stock apps have received a Material Design makeover with Android 5.0 in mind, the company had kept the Hangouts app the same. But that could be changing soon, according to a new revelation made by Android Police. This leak reveals the latest iteration of Hangouts in its entirety, including the UI

Google Play Music Now Integrates With Songza

A few months ago Google announced that they were purchasing Songza, the service that curated different music playlists depending on your activity. For that time, Google was not doing much in the user-facing area. Now, along with a Material Design update, Songza is now integrated into the Play Music app. This is only available for