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How to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

A hard reset is necessary when your Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus no longer responds as smoothly as before or if there are some issues with the firmware and you don’t know where to look. Moreover, if your phone can no longer boot into the home screen, a reset would also be necessary. It is therefore,

How to Hard Reset or Master Reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

A hard reset or master reset is the other method of resetting your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or any smartphone for that matter. Unlike the usual factory reset, this one requires the user to reboot the phone in recovery mode to have access to the reset option. Moreover, you don’t need your phone to successfully

How to Factory Reset your new Samsung Galaxy S10e

Most of the time a factory reset can help you fix the problem with your phone especially if it concerns the firmware or applications. While the new Samsung Galaxy S10e is a powerful device with pretty impressive hardware specs, there would always come a time that you will encounter issues as far as performance is