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SXSW: Mashable Being Sold For $200 Million To CNN?

Last night’s Mashable party at South By Southwest was as usual, off the chain, libations were flowing, people were dancing it was the place to be seen. We heard that Danny DeVito, Justin Long and Ryan Gosling may or may not have been there. We didn’t see Long nor Gosling and we thought we’d recognize

Netflix Starts Enforcing One Stream At A Time Rule

A couple of months ago Netflx announced some major restructuring, for the most part affecting customers on DVD plans.  These changes went in effect on September 1st. It seems that same day Netflix started enforcing their one stream at a time policy. Although Netflix rules always called for one stream at a time, many customers

Poynter Institute Confirms Newspapers Dying

American journalism research firm, The Poynter Institute, has confirmed what newspaper publisher’s have long seen coming. That is that more people are getting their daily news from the internet rather than a traditional newspaper. That point was echoed earlier this year when Ruper Murdoch started an online newspaper published directly to iPad. It was later

Android Sending Text Messages To Wrong People?

Mashable is reporting that there is a known bug in the Android software and that a small number of people are sending text messages that are either going to the wrong recipient or to no one at all. Although we hadn’t heard about it on twitter, comments or in our email box, this problem has

Android is The Smartphone of Choice This Holiday Season

Mashable just completed a poll of over 1500 people. They wanted to know which smartphones they were giving or planning to receive as holiday gifts. In Mashable’s overall poll which asked “What devices are you buying or recieving in Q4 2010” Android beat out iPhone by a whopping 41.2% (Android and 30.6% (iPhone). Possibly the

As Promised Twitter Analytics is Ready

Earlier this year Twitter announced it would begin offering comprehensive analytics to it’s users. Third party vendors such as Klout and Wefollow have been offering some analytics to twitter users but Twitter promises that their product will feature everything you need to know about your twitter account. The new official Twitter analytics will be able