Galaxy S6 keeps rebooting randomly after it fell, other issues

Hello Android community! Here’s another article that covers some issues on the #GalaxyS6. For those who has submitted requests for help during the last few days but can’t see them published here, keep watching for more articles in the next few days. These are issues we tackle in this material today: Galaxy S6 keeps rebooting

What to do if Galaxy S6 Edge is unresponsive, other issues

A lot questions have been thrown our way on what to do with an unresponsive smartphone before. In this post, we show you what you can do on your end if your #GalaxyS6 and #GalaxyS6Edge have trouble turning on, or does not respond to any of your commands. Included here as well are other unrelated Galaxy

Windows 7 computer not detecting Galaxy S6, other issues

If you’ve been around for some time in Android world, you may have experienced a situation wherein a computer fails to read, or even detect, your Android phone. Our post today addresses this problem with a #GalaxyS6. We also cover some other unrelated problems but if you want to check previously published posts for the