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China plans to grow vegetation on Mars and the Moon

China takes its ambitious space exploration program to a brand new level after it announced its goal of cultivating fresh vegetables to provide their astronauts with sufficient food on Mars and the Moon. China said it has already completed its initial test in Beijing this week and it so far yields positive result. According to

NASA Sending 1.5 billion Worth Rover to Mars in 2020

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced on Wednesday its plan to send another ‘buggy’ to the moon in 2020. NASA said the next unmanned vehicle to be sent to the Red Planet will be hugely based on the concept behind curiosity. After a highly successful launching of Curiosity, NASA said its next Mars rover

Curiosity Discovers Cosmic Radiation Tolerable For Human on Mars

NASA’s Robotic rover Curiosity has discovered another breakthrough in space exploration after it discovered that the cosmic radiation on the red planet is actually safe for human being. According to NASA, initial reading of cosmic radiation on Mars shows that it’s almost the same as on the International Space Station. “The astronauts can live in

Curiosity beams back 360 color panorama to Earth

While the world is busy tracking Olympics 2012 taking place in London, the actual action is happening more than 5,000 miles away. We’re sure everybody has heard of Nasa’s Curiosity rover, a robotic, car-sized Mars rover currently exploring Gale Crater, near the equator of Mars. The rover is a nuclear powered, mobile scientific laboratory and