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Why is nobody talking about the game-changing HTC One (E8)?

When rumors of a possible plastic-made, low-cost but otherwise top-shelf HTC One M8 counterpart first cropped up, most of us laughed. No way could HTC afford shrinking their profit margins so drastically, we thought to ourselves. After all, build materials, no matter how “premium” or shoddy, make up merely a tiny piece of a smartphone’s

HTC hires ex-Samsung marketing executive

With marketing having a huge impact on the buyers and customers, it’s obvious that manufacturers are taking it very seriously. And Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has decided to make some drastic changes to its marketing team by snatching up the ex-Samsung marketing chief Paul Golden. It is said that Mr. Golden will now be a consultant to

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Samsung expected to spend over $13 billion in marketing this year

Part of the reason behind Samsung‘s massive success in the mobile industry is its marketing, apart from its stellar products of course. And its marketing budget could reach new heights this year as analyst Benedict Evans predicts Samsung Electronics to spend over $13 billion towards marketing its devices this year. This is a resounding figure

Android KitKat Have A Seat

Android KitKat Have a Seat promo kicks off

Nestle has launched the Android KitKat Have A Seat promo to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. Up for grabs are Nexus 7 (2013) tablets. Nestle is giving out such tablets to people who are sitting on a special bench at the particular time indicated in the campaign. According

How good is HTC’s marketing for the One?

HTC has been steadily losing ground in the smartphone battle. Yesterday, HTC announced its latest flagship smartphone, HTC One. HTC believes that this device will help it make a dent in the smartphone race which is currently dominated by Samsung and Apple. Having an outstanding device is one thing, whereas selling it successfully is a

Sony To Back New Xperia Line With Heavy Marketing Budget

Sony was once synonymous with mobile entertainment. Everyone I knew owned a Sony walkman and then later a Sony discman. Sony was struggling with their entrance into the smartphone world while they were partnered with Ericsson. Sure they had a few hits before smartphones, but for some reason the Japanese electronics giant couldn’t keep up