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Windows Phone is dead, Tizen is dead, long live Android!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with competition. In fact, we all welcome it, regardless of personal preferences. Android geeks, Apple fanatics, Windows Phone aficionados, surviving BlackBerry supporters, we may argue all the time and each feel like we’re in possession of the universal truth, which we want bestowed on our clueless “enemies”. But when all is

Lenovo's smartphones and tablet sales

Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass PC sales

Lenovo has released its financial results for the first fiscal quarter. Such results show that the China-based company is now the world’s largest PC maker. What is surprising, however, is that Lenovo’s smartphone and tablets sales surpass its PC sales. As Android Beat clarifies, this means that the company is selling more units of smartphones

Sony Overtakes HTC For Second Place In The UK Android Market

  I wouldn’t really consider this a surprise based off of HTC’s earning this last quarter, but latest figures that were released show that Xperia manufacturers have been outselling HTC this past summer in the United Kingdom. HTC moved 444,000 Android phones as opposed to Sony’s 500,000. However, both companies (Sony and HTC) have lost

Summer comScore Market Share Numbers Released

Despite a lot of major Android manufactures losing a lot of users, Android is continuing to grow as a platform. comScore has just recently released their May through August market share numbers, and it is showing of Android’s overall gain. The most recent data has highlighted the percentage of Android smartphone users jumped from 50.9%

Android enjoys 51% market share!

With the dominance of iOS and the rising popularity of Android devices in the mobile marketplace, it is not clear who is what. According to a new report released by Nielsen, Android has a bigger U.S. market share than market share percentage of all the other mobile operating systems combined! Nielsen’s research during Q2 2012 explains