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Nielsen Says: Only 5% Of U.S. Owns A Tablet

Tablets are the hip new tech toy at this moment, however, not as many people as you think own one. According to Nielsen’s most recent poll only five percent of  the 12,000 owners in the United States polled own a tablet at this moment. However, OEMs are still trying to rush ahead to beat the

Top 10 Free Android X-Mas Apps

I have been searching high and low for the 10 best free apps to help get you ready for the Christmas season. Here are the best apps from the Android market. 10) Sleeps Till Christmas by Neuro Software Sleeps till Christmas is a widget for your home screen that displays the sleeps till that Christmas

Sprint iD packs – potentially awesome

With the recent surge of app stores from carriers and content providers, it’s hard to get excited about the future of the Android Market. I look down the road and see a completely segregated Android experience, where devices on “Network X” can do things that “Network Y” cannot, and being forced to stick with that

Rescuing the good ship “Market”

I hear this complaint every single day, typically more than twice. The Android Market is seriously flawed, and it’s drastic improvement will be critical for Android to survive. Android is winning in a number game right now. It’s the only one growing – because it’s available everywhere. That focus is only going to work for

Adobe Air goes live for Android October 8th?

At the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch, we were given a hands on test of Adobe Air. We got a single game to play with, and it ran great every time. There was little opportunity to actually test Air, given a lack of available content, but the demo was solid to say the least. At the

ComScore shows Android is the only one Growing!

Analytics define the market. Companies look at analytics to decide what to develop on, what accessories to make, when to sell them, who to sell them through… it’s a really big deal on the decision making part of the economy. It takes a pretty significant shift in the market in order to grab the attention

Weekly Segment – Intro to Android [Market]

Welcome to Volume 2 of Introduction to Android. Today we are discussing the Android Market, and how to use it. The Android Market is one of the most powerful tools in the OS, so it’s important to be able to use! Check the video below or head to our youtube channel!

The return of Notion's Android tablet!

Let’s face it – the existing Android tablet market is shallow at best. I’m surrounded by handheld “tablets” with no market access, and barely an acceptable screen. Aside from that, their delivery ad sales methods rage from bizarre to non-existent (i know eveyone here was thinking “K-MART??? REALLY?”) and the only thin we have to

Kmart Android Tablet Using Unauthorized Google Apps

By Elijah K. Writer TDG Online In the world of Android one of the biggest topics swarming around is Android tablets. Kmart is going for the gold here introducing their, at this point, store-exclusive tablet. This tablet is the GenTouch78 by Augen Electronics—a $150 tablet running Android 2.1 on an 800 MHz processor. This tablet has the usual: