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Mark Zuckerberg adds Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates to lobbying group

Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration reform group has a lot of very well known technology faces, including web developers from Dropbox, Google, Facebook and has nabbed Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster, Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo and Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn. Now the group has nabbed the CEO and ex-CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer and

Zuckerberg bests Tim Cook, Larry Page in List of Highest Rates CEOs

Mark Zuckerberg topped the list of the highest-rated CEOs of 2013 in Glassdoor’s recently-published study. The Facebook CEO received a 99 percent approval rating, besting other heads of companies from various fields. Zuckerberg’s performance may be seen as impressive, given that during the month of May last year, the company’s stocks were quite unstable. One

Facebook Wins Another Round of Legal Battle Against Paul Cegelia

Social Networking site Facebook took another big victory in its legal battle against Paul Ceglia after a New York Federal judge allowed the lawyers of the plaintiff to present forensics reports that would further indict the respondent for the commission of perjury. Ceglia was taken into custody on fraud charges filed by Facebook last week

Zuckerberg Hints At Facebook Social Search

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco recently after Facebook stocks plunged, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg divulged several plans that the social networking company has for the future. One of them is better focus on mobile, which Zuckerberg says is important as users are generally more engaged when they use the social network

The 60 Million Dollar Dentist

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money in dentistry I have a good friend who’s an oral surgeon and can support his family and his hobby of racing Ferarri’s. However a 60 million dollar dentist is rare. Especially for a general practicing dentist, not a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. A 60 million

Even Blink 182 Couldn’t Save The HTC Status?

Rumors are running rampant across the interwebs tonight that AT&T is preparing to can the HTC Status. The HTC Status was launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain back in February.  It took a little while to actually hit the United States. One of the reasons for the delay was that the Status was

Zuckerbeast Puts Twenty Something Back Into Facebook Founder

It’s odd sometimes what some consider news…  Over the weekend Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan got a brand new puppy. Their new puppy is a Puli which is a Hungarian Sheep Dog, and it’s very cute.  Of course the “tech story” is that Zuckerberg and Chan naturally created a Facebook

Facebook Looking To Help Prevent Suicide

On Christmas Day, Simone Black, was feeling suicidal. She shared her suicidal feelings with her over 1,000 friends on Facebook by telling them she had taken an overdose, but no one reported it until the next day, it was too late. Facebook has partnered with the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center, to offer a new way

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Has Chutzpah…

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has bravely gone where no uber rich geek has actually gone themselves and that is to the depths of Saturday Night Live.  We don’t know if SNL Producer Lorne Michaels has ever extended the invitation to Zuckerberg to ever host but if he did I’d bet Zuckerberg would do

There will be NO Facebook phone…Zuckerberg’s final answer

If the motion picture “The Social Network” were 100% true than Mark Zuckerberg has grown up a lot since college in that he gives great answers like the one in the headline and then qualifies them with a complete explanation. From last week when Facebook sent the invites out for their “mobile” event yesterday, until

The Droid Guy Vindicated: Ipad is Not Mobile

We’re not going to waste your time with the boring details of the update to Facebook for Android. If you’re that interested please go to the market and get Facebook for Android 1.4.0, yes it’s got some perks but really I’ve never used places or groups. In fact people who are friends on my personal

Facebook 1.3 stepping up a bit!

Two of the most common reasons for new Android Phone adopters are Facebook and Twitter, and while there have been plenty of great Twitter apps in the Android Market, like Hootsuite, Seesmic, Touiter, Twicca, Twidroyd and the Twitter for Android app, facebook on the other hand has lacked a bit. There has been much speculation