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Google Maps - Cone

New Google Maps update shows the direction at which you’re pointing

While #GoogleMaps has traditionally shown the direction at which you’re facing, a new update enhances this to some extent. While users were able to see a pointing indicator, this new update now has a cone shaped indicator, giving a good idea of your periphery. This will be very useful if you need help navigating while you’re

Google Maps update brings Driving mode to devices

A new update to #GoogleMaps has introduced support for Driving mode, which is essentially like #GoogleNow for when you’re driving. The feature can be spotted with the version 9.19 update of the application, so make sure you’re on the lookout if you use Google Maps on a regular basis. Along with this new feature, the Maps

Google Maps update

Update to Google Maps now lets you share directions

Google Maps on Android has finally received a new update which lets you share navigation details with friends or family, which is a very nifty addition to the application. The feature makes its way to Android devices with the version 9.3 update, so keep an eye out for an update notification. The feature is very

Google Maps Ads

Google bringing more ads to desktop and mobile version of Maps

Google Maps is one of the most widely used mobile navigation applications in the world today. And to make the experience more better for the consumers (and rake in some more money), Google has decided to bring some new ads into the Maps application on desktop and mobile. These ads will be relevant to the user’s


Google close to closing $1.3 billion acquisition for Waze

Google could be on the final stages on the move to acquire Waze, the social traffic and navigation app. Globes, a native Israeli newspaper, has reported the deal could be in its finalisation stages, with Google ready to announce within weeks. The price has been bumped up, from $1 billion Facebook apparently offered to $1.3 billion.

Facebook hires Apple maps executive to lead mobile devision

Facebook has reeled in yet another Apple executive, the executive that they have nabbed worked on Apple maps. The executive in question is Richard Williamson who managed Apples effort to create a maps app to rival Googles own a widespread app. Williamson joined the Facebook team in the past few weeks to manage their ever

BlackBerry goes the Apple way with mapping application

Map apps all over seem to be falling short of Google’s standards. A few months ago, with the new iOS 6.0, Apple received a lot of flak for its very own map app -Apple Maps that notoriously misplaced whole cities. BlackBerry seems to be facing the same issue with its new OS, BB10 as well.

In-depth view of iOS 6 issues, who is to be blamed?

When Apple launched the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 5, it also released iOS 6 to the general public. A large number of users have updated their older iOS devices to iOS 6, thanks to Apple’s Over The Air update which makes the process a breeze. With iOS 6, Apple has brought more than