Google Removes Malicious Angry Birds Cheats From Market

Google has removed over 10 Angry Birds cheats apps after finding that they contained malware. Most of the infected files contained the spyware program called Plankton which takes important information from your phone and delivers it back to their own servers. The information that Plankton takes includes your IMEI number, browser bookmarks and browser history.

Another Android Malware Alert!!!

Just last week, Google had removed over 25 applications from the Android Market due to a malware known as DroidDream Light. This is not the first or the last that we have seen of these issues. Another malware was discovered yet again circling the Android Market. This new malware known as DroidKungFu seems to be

Google Pulls More Apps Infected By DroidDream Light

Yesterday, we gave you heads up on a malware that is affecting applications in the Android Market. This malware is by the some ones that had created DroidDream back in March and this new version is being referred to as DroidDream Light. Lookout has been keeping a close eye on this issue in the Android Market and

DroidDream Is Back!!!

It looks as if the pesky malware DroidDream has made its way back into the Android Market. This time the developers behind this malware have decided to strip it down and give it a fresh shot. So far a total of twenty six applications have been pulled from the Android Market containing this stripped down version of

New Malware Detected, Called BaseBridge

Over this past weekend concerns have risen regarding a malware that has been found in over twenty Android applications. The infected applications include QQ Doudizhu, Voice SMS, Drag Racing, Trader, Donkey Jump, Jungle Monkey and Gold Miner and many others. This malware has been named BaseBridge and can easily be embedded in legitimate applications. When

Mac Malware Getting Worse According To Rep At AppleCare

It looks like the raise of malware is not only effecting Android but also Apple, at least according to one AppleCare support rep, in particular is the rogue software Mac Defender. In an email responding to the raise of malware the rep responded: I can tell you for a fact, many, many people are falling for

Guide To Android: Android Security

Whether you have a desktop, a netbook, laptop, or a smartphone you may have became aware that they are many threats that abound in the technology world we live in these days. These threats range from corrupt software, hackers, viruses, and plenty more. Recently, we reported on the increase in Android malware that has been found

Symantec Issues Warning About Another Android Malware

There is an application in the Android Market called “Walk & Text” it was an innovative idea where it would put up a view of your Android devices rear facing camera so that you could see it and text at the same time, allowing you to see what’s in front of you. According to Symantec,

Security: Hackers Release Fake Android Market Security Tool

Top online and mobile security company Symantec has discovered a new dangerous malware lurking in a third party Chinese android market.  The “Android Market Security Tool” is a repackaged clone of the original Android Market Security Tool which was released to remove malware from DroidDream infected devices. The fake Android Market Security Tool is able

XDA Developer Creates Patch For DroidDream Malware

Leave it to the developers at XDA for everything. You know the old motto “there’s an app for that” well with XDA “They’ll make an app for that” and that’s what they’ve done. XDA user Rodderik has created a patch to prevent damage from the recent DroidDream malware.  The malware that we’ve been talking about

One More Thing… On the Malware

Everyone was anticipating a “One More Thing” from Steve Jobs today, he didn’t have one but Android Police does.  The story last night that broke on Android Police about the malware in the Android market took off like wildfire.  The affected games were pulled off the market but the main concern was that before they