Android malware ‘BadNews’ hits around nine million devices

Android has always been targeted more frequently with malware and spyware and is currently raking up a huge amount of problems. Google is expected to start using better algorithms and tighter security to make sure all apps are clean. BadNews has been added to 32 Android apps and is malicious malware – the 32 apps

Google Play Becoming a Haven for Malware Developers

Mobile hackers are now making the Google Play as their haven in spreading malware on Android phones. A report from ITNews has revealed that there are malware developers who are allegedly trying to buy accounts in the Google Play store at the rate four times higher than the original price of $25. This is for

AV-Test Releases Mobile App Security Report

The Android ecosystem although secure may sometimes be attacked by malware that can be potentially dangerous. This is where mobile app security comes in since they add another layer of protection to your device to prevent any data from being compromised. There are lots of these security apps currently available over at Google Play, some

McAfee Releases Top Threats Prediction For 2013

American security software company McAfee has released their prediction for the top threats that we might encounter next year. These threats will be coming from various devices and ecosystems and shows criminals becoming more and more creative in their attacks. Not surprising though is that on top of the list are mobile threats. As the

Study finds notable flaws in Google Android security measures

In a bid to boost security of devices running Google’s Android operating system, the company added a feature in the latest version of its OS that is supposed to prevent users from installing apps that contain malware. The most typical scenario would be a dialog box would inform a user that the app he/she is


Internal Malware Scanner on Android 4.2 Not That Effective

Android 4.2 was announced along with the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 by Google. This new version of Android succeeded Android 4.1 to bring some new features to the mix. Along with a few cosmetic tweaks to the system, Android 4.2 also brought something known as the Malware Scanner built into the system. This

Loozfon and Finfisher Malware Target Android Devices

Two new viruses are attacking Android-based mobile devices according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). One, called Loozfon, steals information. One of its versions entices people with a work-at-home opportunity that pays in exchange for sending e-mail. It has an advertisement that takes users to a website that brings the malware onto one’s mobile

Google Develops Malware Scanner for Google Play

Google is reportedly addressing the growing number of malware attacks on Android-based devices by developing an Android malware scanner. According to the Android Police blog, the Google Play Store’s most recent APK release, which is called version 3.9.16, shows something called App Check. The blog offers that App Check will be a client-side malware protection

Lookout Security & Antivirus Adds Signal Flare Feature

Lookout, Inc. refreshed the Lookout Security & Antivirus app for Android devices with several new enhancements. Among these is the Signal Flare feature, a useful function for those who tend to lose their phones. According to Lookout, people who lose their phones often rely on their phone’s battery to locate their missing or stolen device.

Trend Micro Discovers Election 2012 Apps With Malware

Four apps that take advantage of the upcoming elections in the United States have been discovered by the security software company Trend Micro. Once installed, these apps get information about one’s device and could use that information without the user’s permission, often for malicious activities. Trend Micro found four of these malware-infected apps on Google

Fake Grand Theft Auto:Vice City App for Android Loads Boxer Malware

An unofficial Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Android game has been reported as malware. Available on a Russian third-party website from a China-based author called Vickie, the game requires users to install a fake Flash update. According to GFI Labs, a website that specializes in exposing online security threats, the purported Flash update is in fact

Cross-platform Trojan found

It is a common belief that Macs are virus free and not affected by Virus at all, but it seems like all those myths have been proven wrong by a new variety of Trojan. Security scientists working at F-Secure have discovered a web exploit which apparently detects the operating system of the target computer and

Malware Slides Past The Bouncer, Uses Facebook As The Side Door

TechCrunch is running a story today about a new malware that’s affecting Android users.  After Google put “bouncer” in place in the Android market to patrol for malware, this new enemy has let himself in the side door via Facebook. The malware, which has disguised itself as “any_name.apk” and “allnew.apk” was discovered by the security

New Malware Found In Chinese Secondary Android App Markets

Chinese users of Android are facing a new malware threat that can be rather serious. However, if you’re not in China there is nothing to worry about so don’t panic. The new malware goes by the name of RootSmart. The malware infects phones running Android 2.3 Gingerbread and is found in some secondary Chinese app

NQ Mobile: You May Not Like It But Counterclank Is Not Malware

Two weeks ago the Android world was up and arms with a report that over 5 million Android devices were infected with some kind of Malware.  The Malware we thought was infecting our Android phones was called Counterclank. As it turns out Counterclank is just an aggressive advertising network, but not actually Malware. The folks

Google To Use “Bouncer” To Police Android Market For Malware

Malware has constantly been a threat to Android’s practically open Android Market app store. Because Android doesn’t use as long a vetting process as Apple’s App Store Android constantly runs the risk of a few bad apples spoiling the pie (you see what I did, there?) Well a new post on the Google developer’s blog

Lookout: New Trojan Charges Premium Text Messages

Our friends at LookOut mobile security have tracked a new malicious Trojan that is targeting Android users. The Trojan called GGTracker sends unknowing Android users to a fake site that resembles the Android market site. From there users are prompted to download malicious apps that contain the GGTracker. That’s where it gets worse. Once installed

LookOut Introduces New Safe Browsing Feature As Part of LookOut Premium

If you’ve been reading Thedroidguy and other great tech sites religiously than you know that Android malware is on the rise. As Android becomes more and more popular users become more susceptible to risk.  Programs like LookOut mobile security are there to protect your phone from unknown predators. LookOut isn’t just virus protection it’s a