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Galaxy Note 5 can’t receive SMS, other issues

We give you another post that covers five different #GalaxyNote5 problems. As usual, these issues are taken from messages we receive from some Galaxy Note 5 users. Below are the topics we tackle in this material: Unable to receive Gmail messages on Galaxy Note 5 email app Galaxy Note 5 camera produces noisy and grainy

New Android malware called “HummingBad” unearthed

Security researchers have found a new #Android malware called “HummingBad” which was seemingly developed by Chinese developers. It is said that this bug comes from an advertising analytics agency known as Yingmob, which has been accused of deploying malware for iOS before. The company is seemingly involved in the development of ad platforms. Well, that’s what they

Popular Chinese Android Smartphone Has Malware Pre-Installed

One of the biggest threats to the Android platform is malware. Earlier this year a report was released that showed the platform to be the target of 97% of all mobile malware in 2013. This is a significant increase from its record of 79% from the previous year. Most of the time malware enters an

New Windows Malware Attempts To Infect Android Devices

Remember the good old days when a malware only threatened the operating system that it was infecting? Times have changed as hackers are finding devious ways to infect Android devices by first targeting the Windows operating system. The concept is that when an Android device is connected to an infected Windows computer the Trojan installs