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Why I Don’t Like Google’s New Play Magazines App

When I first got Ice Cream Sandwich, I wasn’t really sure what I would do with a magazine application, as I usually just get my magazines in the mail (e.g. Gameinformer). I decided to give Play Magazine’s its proper chance though, and with that, I purchased a issue from PC Gamer on there. Flipping through it, I

Zinio E-Newsstand For Magazines Joins The Kindle Fire Family

The popular magazine newsstand app Zinio has announced today that they are available for the Kindle Fire. We’ve noticed that Zinio has made more and more pre-installed appearances on Android devices. Most recently the MyTouch by LG and the T-Mobile Springboard by Huawei. Zinio is now available on more tablet devices than any other newsstand

App Spotlight: Zinio

People enjoy staying current with what matters to them. For some that means watching the news at night or reading the paper However, some prefer a different media;:the magazine. NMany different apps have come out to cater to those wanting to be in the know, and for those who read magazines one of those apps