WhatsApp now has its very own desktop app for Windows and Mac

One of the world’s most popular IM clients, #WhatsApp, is now available as a standalone application for Windows and Mac machines. Previously, users were limited to using WhatsApp on the browser via WhatsApp Web, but this new addition makes it more convenient for users to communicate with one other on their computers. The app is

iBooks on Mac

At WWDC in San Francisco Apple debuted iBooks for Mac, which will allow you to read all of your iBook collection on you Mac; the app will be part of OS X Mavericks which will launch this fall. This native app is to compete with the Kindle app which is available not only on your

SimCity Panoramic

SimCity for Mac not ready for June 11th Release

SimCity is the latest game that has been release by Electronic Arts and was scheduled to make its debut on Mac next week – June 11th but the company has announced that the release will be delayed. Their reasoning for the delay is because the game is “not ready for primetime yet.” The title has

Samsung Expects To Rake in More Money With Big Fourth Qtr. Shipment

  Samsung will continue to rack up more money in the coming months following reports that the Korean tech giant has already scheduled a shipment of at least 61 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2012. According to UBS financial analyst Nicolas Gaudis, Samsung is expected to ship between 61.5 million to 63 million

Court Rules Against Apple in Facetime Related Patent Suit

Apple has been known to be the ruthless patent troll in the industry with lawsuits upon lawsuits laid upon companies. While some of them were justified, some were plain stupid, at least the world thought so. And now it seems like the tables have turned, sort of. A new court ruling has come out in

Apple Sues Online Polish Deli Over The Name “A.pl”

Apple has taken a dive for the worse (if they already haven’t). The company is taking a Polish online deli business to court due to the websites name. Their website resides at “a.pl” with “pl” being Poland’s country-wide domain. Apple has argued that the name is way to similar to their own and that customers

Nexus 7 TV Ads Perform Better than Apple’s new Genius Ads

A new report by Ace Metrix suggests that Google’s Nexus 7 adverts are more effective than Apple’s Mac Genius ads. Both the companies are pushing these TV ads extensively as there is a huge increase in viewership due to the ongoing London Olympics.  Ace Metrix is a firm which specializes in analysis of ads and

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Still Not Computer Friendly

When we first got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LE at Google I/O in May we noticed that we couldn’t use the Honeycomb Android File Transfer on our in house Macs to recognize the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 We thought for sure after the US release date on June 8th and the subsequent upgrade to

Samsung Announces Kies Beta For Mac

If you happen to own or have owned a Samsung device than you more than likely have heard of Kies, which just happens to be Samsung’s proprietary synchronization software. However, there is one drawback, Mac users are more than likely familiar with the fact that Kies has been pretty much exclusive to Windows. At least it was

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Network Now Mac Friendly

Verizon Wireless has announced that the Pantech UML290 4G/LTE USB modem is now mac compatible.  When Verizon Wireless announced their initial 4G/LTE market reach of 38 cities and 60 airports, macheads were left out in the cold however as promised Verizon wireless has updated the Pantech USB stick to work with Mac. The latest version

Top 5 Great Things Steve Jobs Said this year

5. “Flash Looks Like A Technology That’s Had It’s Day” 4. (when referring to flash)”.. An Even More Popular Development was Hypercard” 3. “There is no issue” .. on Iphone 4 reception 2. “Search is Not Happening on Phones” 1. ” You’re doing it wrong” By The Droid Guy follow me on twitter at https://www.twitter.com/thedroidguy

Millions of Freaking Apps…

Only a few people will come stand beside me and say hey I am an over the top Android Enthusiast but every computer I own is a mac… Not Many, and I know you’re out there. Since my high school days (in the late 80’s early 90s) sitting in the journalism room with a Mac