HTC To Launch First Tegra 4 Device?

NVIDIA which is renowned for its GPUs, stepped into the mobile SoC arena with the Tegra series, most notably the Tegra 2 on the LG Optimus 2X. Then came the Tegra 3, which was a quad core chipset featuring improved graphics and better performance. HTC and LG launched smartphones running on the said chipset, although

HTC One Mini, codenamed M4, Rumored To Be Coming To T-Mobile

In addition to tonight’s rumor on the HTC Butterfly S coming to Sprint, @LlabTooFer has also leaked out that the HTC One Mini could be making its way ont¬†T-Mobile soon. As he states in the tweet pictured below, he’s not sure if the device is coming to Verizon, but is sure it will make its