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Nokia Begins Rolling Out Portico Update to Global Versions of the Lumia 920 and 820


Nokia as we all know, is best buddies with Microsoft which is why we’re seeing smartphones like the Lumia 920, 820 receive several exclusive apps while the rest of the WP8 camp have to settle with what the developers provide. This partnership also means that Nokia gets to work in close quarters with Microsoft to test future versions of Windows Phone and its updates. One such update with regards to the newly launched Windows Phone 8 OS is the much anticipated Portico update. This update promised to fix the one nagging issue among several others which was plaguing the platform since WP7. We’re of course talking about the Wi-Fi sleep bug, which would cause Wi-Fi to turn off when the battery saver is enabled and the screen is locked. It’s actually a pretty dreadful bug and one which should have been fixed a long time ago, but better late than never says Microsoft.

This Portico update initially made its way to HTC WP8 smartphones like the 8X and 8S. And now, Nokia has started pushing the update to its two beloved Lumia smartphones, the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820. This update is for the global versions of the aforementioned Lumia smartphones as American variants have already received the update. As usual, Nokia plans to roll out the update slowly and not simultaneously to every Lumia 920 and 820 smartphone in the world. The company claims that the roll out should be completed by March. The update will be OTA, so expect a notification message to pop up on your screen when it is made available in your region. The Lumia 920 recently launched in India with the Portico update built in, so we should expect the next batch of Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones to come with the update built in.

Along with bringing the “always on” Wi-Fi feature, this update will also bring forth an update to the camera app.  The Lumia 920 camera captured rather blurry daylight pictures, which can be an annoying issue for Lumia 920 users as all the focus initially was on the device’s camera with OIS (optical image stabilization) and PureView technology. It seems like the camera update is a Lumia only feature as HTC’s 8X which received the update last month didn’t bring forth any updates in that department. Other features of the update include the ability to “select all” in the SMS inbox with a new drafts facility for the user’s inbox as well. Further, users will be able to reject calls with a custom SMS. Many would claim that these features existed on Android since ages, and rightly so. Small features like these certainly prove a platform’s mettle and Windows Phone 8 is by no means perfect, at least in comparison to other smartphone OSes. Microsoft however is hard at work to rectify that, and updates like these will certainly help.

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Nokia Lumia Smartphones Sold Better Than Expected in Q4 2012: Nokia


Nokia Lumia smartphones got off to a decent start with better than average sales reported at AT&T stores during the initial few days of the launch. This followed with the holiday season too as people grew exceedingly curious to get hold of the latest and greatest Lumia smartphone. And now, the company has come out with a word that the past quarter i.e. the fourth quarter of 2012 reaped great results for them. They even stated that the quarter gave out better results than they had expected, so we’re guessing Nokia had very low expectations to begin with. Regardless, it’s good to know that Nokia which has been struggling to keep up with the market in terms of sales has finally something to smile about.

To give you the exact numbers, Nokia in total sold about 6.6 million “smart devices” in Q4 2012 which doesn’t include S40 phones like the popular Asha series of handsets. So Nokia’s list of smart devices consists of the standard Symbian Anna/Belle smartphones and Nokia Lumia smartphones. And the good news for Nokia is that out of the 6.6 million smart devices that it sold, 4.4 million were Lumia smartphones. The sales numbers in itself is not interesting, but it’s the fact that Nokia Lumia smartphones have outsold the other smart devices (Symbian smartphones) which has gotten the company excited. These Symbian phones made up for the remaining 2.2 million of sales. AT&T was selling the Lumia 920 for a great deal, so I guess that was a factor. But the numbers don’t just include the Lumia 920 or the 820 but even the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones like the Lumia 610, 510 etc which are widely popular in developing nations. On a separate note, Nokia’s Asha series of handsets and other Nokia feature phones sold over 9.3 million units. Since these cover a whole different mobile segment all together, one can’t take its numbers into account.

We can certainly see the numbers come down for Nokia’s Symbian smart devices in due time, but feature phones will continue to sell. But even here Samsung is closing in on Nokia as evidenced by the Q3 2012 sales numbers. Lumia smartphones however will certainly have to pick up pace if it were to keep Nokia’s boat floating for the coming years. Failing which, we can see the company being taken over (which has been discussed on several occasions). With the Lumia 920 and the 820 launching in a few other key markets this month, things could certainly change for Nokia. The problem with its WP8 flagships have been limited availability and if the company can sort that out, we can surely see those sales numbers increasing. I’m sure Nokia will increase expectations with its devices after witnessing the Q4 2012 results.

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Get your Lumia 820 for free!

Nokia recently launched two new Windows Phone 8 devices – Lumia 920 and Lumia 820. Both the device are marvelous, and Lumia 920 is an exclusive model sold only by AT&T. Both the devices are up for sale from AT&T and the prices for Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are $99.99 and $49.99 respectively (on 2 years of contract)

Yes, the prices are very reasonable and I cannot stress that more. Lumia 920 is awesome, and the Lumia 820 is equally good, and at $49.99, it’s too good to resist. I suspect that the 820 will be given for free on signing up a contract in a few months of time, but now it seems like you don’t have to wait for long before you can have Lumia 820 for free because CompUSA is running an offer where in which they are giving out the device in question for free.

According to the campaign being run by CompUSA, they will offer a ‘free’ Nokia Lumia 820 with the purchase of any Windows 8 PC or laptop. Windows 8 is a evolutionary version of windows and comes with an interface that resembles the tile interface on Windows Phone 8. Windows 8 is said to be tailored for touch screen computers, but will work fine on a good old desktop, but if you’re out to get a new Windows 8 PC, perhaps a touch screen one, you are entitled for a free Lumia 820 which boots Windows Phone 8.

The offer is really great, but unless you’re really planning to buy a new Windows 8 PC, the deal may not impress you. First of all, the Nokia Lumia 820 is available for just $49.99 from AT&T on a 2 years contract. CompUSA is giving the device for free, however, you are still required to sign a two year contract with AT&T. If you don’t want to be tied up for a couple of years, you can always choose to purchase the device off contract for $379.99.

Nokia Lumia 820 is a mid-range Windows Phone 8 device. It is placed a notch below the flagship Nokia Lumia 920. The device is colorful and the unibody construction makes it stand out of the crowd. The handset comes with 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot in order to expand the available storage. On the processor side, Lumia 820 uses the same dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor that is used on Lumia 920. Clocked @ 1.5GHz, it is paired with 1GB of RAM to ensure smooth functioning of tasks. The 820 makes use of a 4.3 inch display with ClearBlack technology. The resolution of the screen is 480 by 800 pixels, which isn’t exactly outstanding, but is good for a mid-ranger that it is. In addition, the screen features Super Sensitive touch technology which makes it possible for a user to operate the device even while wearing gloves, a good feature for the winters.

What are your thoughts on the offer? Let us know using in the comment section below.

HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920 launched

Nokia has been waiting to launch the Nokia Lumia 920 in the market. As you all know, Nokia Lumia 920 is a remarkable device that runs on Windows Phone 8, which is also a noteworthy operating system, making the combination an outstanding one. The Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia and is exclusively sold by AT&T, just like how the iPhones were sold when they were initially launched.

It was previously thought and the flagship Lumia 920 will be retailing for $149.99 on a 2 year contract from AT&T, and many leaked materials were in agreement of the same. Of course, the $149.99 price point is pretty impressive for a device like Lumia 920, but AT&T surprised all the fans by announcing that the 920 will be sold for just $99.99 on a 2 year contract. How cool is that? Nokia isn’t going through the best times exactly; perhaps you may call it as a financial nightmare. It has been selling off patent rights and what not. The company’s main source of income as of now is from low end and mid-range devices like the Asha series and several others, and these Nokia devices are still desired by many overseas, and the brand has a lot of value. In the U.S., Nokia has lost its brand value to some extent, thanks to several other companies who have taken over the smartphone market by launching numerous awesome devices.

This time around, Nokia seems to have got all the ingredients right. They have an amazing device at a remarkable price point. AT&T has finally put the Nokia Lumia 920 on sale. Apart from the Lumia 920, they are also shipping the cheaper Lumia 820 and the costlier HTC 8X. These mark the first Windows Phone 8 devices on the market and are the start of what we hope is a big wave adoption.

Some are really confused about whether to go for something new like Lumia 920 or choose the path which most of the buyers take, the iPhone 5. To start with, the Lumia 920 comes at $99.99 on a 2 year contract as opposed to iPhone 5 which will set you back by $199 on a 2 year contract. Going for iPhone 5 does make sense if you value the app market, and Apple does really have a huge variety of apps, but again, only a fraction of them come for free. Most of the popular apps which you will use on a daily basis are available on Windows app store, and it’s growing. Some of the paid apps on Windows app store are slightly overpriced, but then you’re saving $100 on the device upfront. Don’t forget to consider the added hardware features like the PureView camera which has excellent low light performance and a bigger screen which the iPhone cannot match.

The Lumia 820 is also a good device and can be bought for $49.99 on 2 years contract from AT&T. What are your thoughts on the 920? Let us know using the comment form below.

Nokia Maps Updated to Version 3.0, Only Supports Lumia 920/820



Nokia Maps is hands down one of the best Maps applications out there along with Google Maps. With its array of features and offline support, it is something loyalist Nokia Lumia owners can proudly brag about. The fact that it’s exclusive to just Nokia Lumia Windows Phones, tells us a lot about what it means to the company. And the popular app has now been updated for Windows Phone 8 with Nokia Maps 3.0. This isn’t merely an incremental upgrade over the existing version, but comes with a few new features.

Directions have been improved, venue based maps have been added (malls etc) and the UI seems to have been slightly tweaked. These goodies come bundled only if you’re a Lumia 920/820 user mind you, so if you plan on getting the HTC 8X, you might as well forget about these features. That brings us to the sad news. Well, this new update is only for the Windows Phone 8 devices and not for the entire Lumia lineup as one would have imagined. But it is believed that Nokia will have some minor upgrades made to its apps for WP7.x running Lumias.

Along with Nokia Maps, the Finns also updated the Transit/Nokia Transport app. If you haven’t heard of this app before, it basically helps you find the next bus/train/subway near to your location with minute by minute updates. The update to the app comes in handy, helping out Lumia users with their daily commute. So these are the updates Nokia has in store for its users. The company has uploaded a video explaining the functioning of the new Nokia Maps 3.0.

Maps is an area where manufacturers pay much emphasis. Be it Google in its Android operating system or Nokia/Microsoft with the Windows Phone operating system, Maps always has a special place. This is something Apple needs to improve on, in order to sustain in the long run. The Apple Maps fiasco is still being discussed widely around the internet, so one would imagine something different to come from Apple in the forthcoming updates. Let’s hope Apple takes some inspiration from Nokia and Google.

Download the Nokia Maps 3.0 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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AT&T Announces Lumia 920 and 820; Will Arrive in November


AT&T has just taken the wraps off the Lumia 920 and the 820 on its network. Although not available immediately, yesterday’s event marked the formal arrival of the device on the carrier. The big surprise however is that the Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive in the U.S, much like its predecessor the Lumia 900. We’re not sure if this strategy will work out for AT&T, Microsoft or Nokia because limiting the device to just one carrier is not bound to have a lot of takers. But we’re guessing this is a temporary exclusivity as fans have been aching to get their hands on the device no matter what. The slightly smaller and under spec’d Lumia 820 is not an exclusive which means we could see T-Mobile or other carriers announce it fairly soon. There were rumors of Verizon planning to launch the new range of Lumias, but we’re not sure if it will ever see the light of the day.

The Lumia 820 packs a decent 4.3-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. An 8MP camera is on the back along with a front facing VGA camera. The dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 chipset is used here which is the same as the one used on the American variants of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One X. The smartphone also packs 1GB of RAM for smooth multitasking. 8GB of storage is provided along with a microSD card slot for memory expansion. Powering the smartphone is a 1,650 mAh battery pack. The Lumia 820 is the successor to the Lumia 800, while the 920 carries the Lumia 900 legacy forward. The Lumia 820 could be the silent assassin as it packs most of the features of its elder sibling. Wireless charging is one essential feature which sets Nokia Lumia smartphones apart from other WP8 OEMs. However customers might have to buy an expensive accessory to accommodate for these exclusive features.

The Lumia 920 is the bigger and the one constantly in news. After the faux ad put up by Nokia which boasted of its Pureview camera technology, the Finns managed to build sufficient hype for the smartphone. With advanced use of features like NFC and wireless charging, the Lumia 920 is one of the hotly anticipated WP8 smartphones. It packs a 4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack display made up of Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2.0 for durability and to avoid accidental scratches. And unlike most capacitive touchscreens, the Lumia 920 registers touch not only from the fingers but also from other objects like gloves or nails etc. It features the same dual core chipset as the Lumia 820, with the same clock speed. There’s 32GB of onboard storage which is accompanied by 1GB of RAM. Sadly, there’s no microSD card slot for memory expansion, but it shouldn’t matter much as 32GB is more than sufficient. Another important feature of the smartphone is its 8.7MP Pureview camera which lets in five times more light (without flash) as compared to other smartphone camera sensors. There’s a front facing 1.3MP camera as well. The Lumia 920 is powered by a 2,000 mAh battery for prolonged usage, though with the power hungry Adreno 220 GPU and the dual core processor, we doubt if it will be able to sustain a full day’s use. All those extra pixels to crunch on the PureMotion HD+ display won’t help the phone’s cause either.

Nokia is currently the best Windows Phone OEM out there with its exclusive apps and features. So for the success of the Windows Phone platform in general, these phones will have a huge role to play. Let’s see how things pan out for Nokia and Microsoft. As of now, the customers don’t seem too excited about the exclusivity of the Lumia 920 on AT&T’s network. The Lumia 820 however will be freely available to all, so that’s a relief for WP fans. Android OEMS better step it up now to capitalize on this little error made by Microsoft and Nokia. Samsung and others will come all guns blazing with the Galaxy Note II and the inevitable announcement of the new Nexus smartphone.

Source: AT&T
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Nokia seeks ban on the HTC 8X Claiming it Closely Resembles the Lumia 820: Rumor


Nokia took the world by storm when it announced the Lumia 820 and 920 which were the company’s first WP8 running smartphones. And now, a new report emerging from Redmond Pie suggests that Nokia could be looking to sue fellow WP8 OEM, HTC claiming that they ripped off the design of the Lumia 820 with their brand new HTC 8X smartphone. As both smartphones run the same mobile operating system, the allegations are pertaining to the body construction of the 8X. The smartphone was announced a couple of weeks after the Lumia 820 and the 920 broke cover, so we’re not sure if the similarities are intentional. Regardless, this could either mean that a fierce legal battle is on the cards or probably the matter would be resolved as Microsoft could very likely intervene here.

Nokia claims that the front of the 8X is the culprit as it looks a lot like the Lumia 820. Although the Finnish manufacturer does make a point with its claim, it’s hard to tell if the 8x actually looks like the Lumia 820. Nokia also claims that the overall body and the side portion of the 8X bears resemblance to the said Lumia. Well, that cannot be argued as the side and especially the back has that Lumia feel as evidenced by the press shots available. Nokia wants the device to be banned in certain markets of the world, so as to avoid confusion with the Lumia 820. Remember, this is merely a rumor for now and neither of the companies have responded yet. An out of court settlement is also possible and it could actually be the best solution for this, as Microsoft and HTC will be the losers if the smartphone gets banned.


Both the smartphones will arrive by November which will mark the formal arrival of Windows Phone 8 into the market. Nokia has already begun its heavy marketing campaign for the new Lumias, including one which was very controversial, so there is a big amount of hype surrounding the smartphone(s). And with this new report, we can expect HTC to get some attention too. All in all, the Lumia 820 and the 920 are undoubtedly one of the most awaited smartphones in the Windows Phone arena. It will be interesting to see how Nokia and HTC will resolve this issue. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Apple vs Samsung fiasco. Chris Weber from Nokia sent out a tweet which said – “It takes more than matching color to match the innovation of the Lumia 920” which could be a hint at what we’re talking about. But don’t read too much into it as he’s referring to the Lumia 920 and not the 820. Do you think the two bear resemblance? Let us know by dropping a line below.

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Lumia 820, 920 Leaked; Will Bring Pureview Camera to Windows Phones

The Lumia 920

Nokia’s new range of Lumia smartphones with WP8 seems to have leaked out a few days ahead of the official announcement. Courtesy of @evleaks on Twitter, we now have images of what seems like the next big thing in the Windows Phone sphere. The good news however for all WP fans is that these smartphones will bring the much awaited Pureview technology to Windows Phones. So to Windows Phone users’ rejoice, camera oriented WP8 smartphones are on its way. Nokia is holding an event on September 5 which could possibly reveal these new smartphones. But now that we have a hint of it, the surprise is pretty much gone. Regardless, it’s always good to know what to expect.

We got a hint of what to expect from Nokia after Samsung announced the Ativ S at the Mobile Unpacked event in Berlin a few days ago. The two devices leaked here are the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920, most possibly the successors to the Lumia 800 and the 900 respectively. True to its siblings, these two smartphones promise to be show stealers if the specs mentioned here are to be believed. The Lumia 920 apparently is the high end WP8 smartphone complete with Nokia’s Pureview tech and a monstrous 4.5-inch display (probably HD) and that’s pretty much all we know about the Lumia 920. But looking at how OEMs are approaching the new OS, it won’t be wrong to guess that this will also be Nokia’s first dual core smartphone.

The Lumia 820 is supposed to be slightly lower end in terms of hardware with a 4.3-inch display and no Pureview camera on board. So expectedly, Nokia will target both the devices in different segments. What stood out about both the devices are the catchy color combinations. We previously saw 4-5 colors in the Lumia range, but this seems to bring a different set of colors altogether to the mix.

The Lumia 820

If previous rumors are something to go by, the Nokia Windows Phone with the Pureview camera could sport a 21MP camera sensor which while not as intimidating as the Pureview 808, should still manage to perform better than your regular point and shoot camera. Looking at the alleged press shots of these upcoming smartphones, it seems like Nokia has retained most of the design pointers from the original Lumia (or shall we say the N9). As appealing as all this might sound, we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt. We’ll certainly know more this coming Wednesday. What do you think about these two WP8 smartphones?

Source: Evleaks (Twitter) (1) (2)
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