All metal Nokia handset spotted in a new leak

#Nokia is expected to release a trio of smartphones this year. A new leak is now showing us what could well be the first of those handsets, sporting an attractive all-metal design on board. The smartphone is posing next to a white Lumia smartphone, which helps us understand exactly how different this smartphone will be

Nokia Android Lumia

Nokia has already made 10,000 Android running prototypes

A new report states that Nokia has already prepared about 10,000 prototype smartphones running on the Android platform. This report might be inconsequential now with the Microsoft acquisition, but it’s evident that even Nokia wasn’t sure about its fate with Windows Phone 7 and now 8. This prototype was apparently manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Foxconn.

Nokia Tested Android On Lumia Before Microsoft Sale

A report by the New York Times suggests that Nokia was considering the option to switch mobile operating systems from Windows Phone to Android which would have occurred in the later part of 2014. The partnership deal between Microsoft and Nokia lasts until 2014 after which Nokia can decide whether to continue using the Windows


Microsoft says Windows Phone is firmly in third place

Microsoft’s Build developer conference is well underway and while the main focus is on Windows 8.1, a small booth has been set up for Windows Phone and Microsoft officials now believe they are in a solid third place in the smartphone race. BlackBerry has been stuck in the fourth spot since May this year, with

Nokia Chat Beta released for Lumia and Asha devices

  Nokia is known for its exclusive apps and many users in fact buy a Nokia device for these apps. They make the device unique from other phones in the market, a trait that most Lumia users cherish. One such Lumia exclusive app released by the company is the Nokia Chat. Although the app is

Startling Gift for Nokia Lumia 822 Users

Who doesn’t love to have gifts and if it is a surprise gift, the charm is divine. This is exactly what Nokia had planned for its Nokia Lumia 822 users. Call it after sale service or intelligent customer care, the renowned cell phone manufacturer has started to upgrade the existing software of every Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia 720 and 520 set to release on April 1st

Nokia is great as far as Windows Phone 8 devices are concerned. At the Mobile World Congress 2013 which is happening in Barcelona this week, the Finns announced two new low cost Lumia devices that will be powered by Windows Phone 8. The devices announced are Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Both the devices are

Nokia to relaunch budget handsets

  According to the latest reports, Nokia is aiming to entice customers with phones that target the lower end of the smartphone market. The Finnish company is planning to unveil cost effective phones with basic touch functionality at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this Feb 25th. Low cost Lumia variants will also be on

New high-end Nokia Lumia phone visits FCC

Nokia is going good in the smartphone market (at least better than last year) and they need more devices added to their lineup or that they have more to offer. We have had several rumors about Nokia launching new Lumia phones and few low end devices, and according to a tweet from Adduplex’s Alan Mendelevich,

Nokia Could Announce Low End Lumia WP8 Smartphone at MWC 2013

Nokia’s ambitions in the smartphone market do not come down one bit, which is how a company should be. But its recent offerings like the Lumia 920, 820, 822 (Verizon) and 620 are only marginally doing well in the market. The problem in my opinion is not the hardware from Nokia, but the software/operating system

Nokia Lumia 1000 Makes an Appearance in China Mobile’s Database

Nokia’s constant struggle for survival in the mobile industry has been heavily discussed in the past. Since it struck its partnership with Microsoft, we’ve seen several Lumia smartphones coming from the company which have failed to impress the global audience as Android OEMs and Apple took substantial amount of marketshare away. This however hasn’t stopped

Nokia Lumia EOS with 41MP PureView sensor reconfirmed

When I first heard that Nokia was going to launch Lumia 920 with Pure View camera, I was a very excited because the company had previously launched a Symbian based phone called Nokia 808 PureView and it had a 41 MP sensor. Looking at the branding of Lumia 920, I thought that the Finns were

Nokia Sending Out Windows Phone 7.8 Update to First Gen Lumia Smartphones

When it comes to Windows Phones these days, the only reliable name that comes to mind is Nokia with its Lumia range of WP smartphones. The manufacturer has been carrying the baton for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system ever since Windows Phone 7.5 was launched in 2011. These smartphones however were heading towards their inevitable

High-End Lumia heading Verizon soon

Windows Phone 8 is doing great. We have the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia, the Lumia 920, and it’s supposedly the best Windows Phone 8 device you can buy right now. It has got the coolest camera and the build quality is just amazing, but what sucks is the fact that it is

Nokia Lumia 920 shipping with Portico update pre-installed

Previously, Nokia had released a Windows Phone 8 update named “Portico” to Lumia 920 users in U.S.and Canada as an OTA update. The update was in connection to increasing the software stability of the Lumia 920 and also fixed some camera related issues at the same time. The final processed picture when taken in daylight

AT&T: Special deal on Windows Phone 8 models

Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, is doing a great job. Nokia’s Lumia 920 is Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device and AT&T has exclusive rights over this device and the midrange WP8 smartphone, the Lumia 820. Even HTC has a Windows Phone 8 smartphone, and it is called as HTC 8X. There’s