Best rugged Android tablets money can buy

From luxury to commodity to absolute necessity, being able to connect to the web while on the go and carrying your work with you far and wide have taken new meanings in recent years, as conventional PCs lost steam and ultraportable alternatives rapidly gained traction. And whereas most smartphone and tablet owners nowadays still fall

Best 4G LTE-capable Android tablets available today stateside

If you’ve been following our website lately, chances are you’ve already purchased a tab, or ten. You’re only human after all and probably couldn’t resist the temptation of a stellar bargain, the best 7 inch+ gamers around, the endurance champions, or ultra-high-res media streamers. But there’s one market segment we haven’t tackled in a while.


AT&T will launch Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 on June 21

When we originally checked out the Galaxy Note 8.0, we were surprised to find calling services available on the tablet. We were even more surprised when Samsung decided to only launch the WiFi version in the US first. We are finally going to see the LTE version come out from Samsung, in partnership with AT&T. The