LookOut Mobile Security Now Supports Honeycomb

The pioneer in Android mobile security, LookOut Mobile, today announced that they now support Android Honeycomb tablets as well as Ice Cream Sandwich devices. LookOut has been a trusted name in Android security since 2009. Today they protect over 12 million users from malware, spyware, unsafe websites and other security threats.   In addition Lookout Mobile

LookOut Introduces New Safe Browsing Feature As Part of LookOut Premium

If you’ve been reading Thedroidguy and other great tech sites religiously than you know that Android malware is on the rise. As Android becomes more and more popular users become more susceptible to risk.  Programs like LookOut mobile security are there to protect your phone from unknown predators. LookOut isn’t just virus protection it’s a

Google Pulls More Apps Infected By DroidDream Light

Yesterday, we gave you heads up on a malware that is affecting applications in the Android Market. This malware is by the some ones that had created DroidDream back in March and this new version is being referred to as DroidDream Light. Lookout has been keeping a close eye on this issue in the Android Market and

DroidDream Is Back!!!

It looks as if the pesky malware DroidDream has made its way back into the Android Market. This time the developers behind this malware have decided to strip it down and give it a fresh shot. So far a total of twenty six applications have been pulled from the Android Market containing this stripped down version of

Android Malware On The Rise

Malware in the Android Market is on the raise and has more than quadrupled since June of last year to January of this year according to Juniper Networks and BullGuard Mobile Security. Due to the risks of malware it is being recommended that Android users start protecting their devices as they would their computer.

Lookout Mobile Security For Android Thwarts Car Jackers

Police in Peoria Arizona are crediting the victim of a carjacking and her Android phone equipped with the Look Out Mobile Security App, with helping to quickly catch the perpetrators of her carjacking. When Jaime Jasso Jr, and Alexis Rojas allegedly (remember their innocent until proven guilty and all that) held the owner of a