Lookout Launches “Theftie” Alert to Thwart Smartphone Thieves

Smartphone thieves beware! Lookout has introduced a new feature on its popular Android and iOS security app which sends an email to the owner of the device when suspicious activity is detected. The activities include entering the wrong password too many times in a row or uninstalling the security app. The new feature even takes

AT&T To Include Lookout Security On Its Android Devices

One of the main concerns of owning a smartphone is how well secured it is. This is because this portable device is able to store information ranging from photos, login details, contact information just to name a few which can be accessed online. While no system is really one hundred percent secure Google says that


Samsung to add Lookout to security suite on future devices

Samsung’s KNOX security suite offers a collection of different enterprise apps for Android. The South Korean mobile giants wants to dominate the enterprise level of mobile, as well as the consumer end. To do this, they need apps and partnerships that can offer something incredible to the end user; something they cannot find on other

Review: Lookout Security & Antivirus – Protect Your Phone!

  Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free, Paid – In-App Purchase Download: Google Play | iTunes Viruses have been and still are flooding the internet and most recently, mobile devices. Personal Information and data get stolen on a daily basis because someone decided to download an app on a third party site that hadn’t been

Aircover: New Android Mobile Security App Launches Today

BlueSprig an app development company based in San Francisco, has announced today the availability of Aircover a new Android mobile security app. This multi-faceted app covers your phone, your apps and even your family, with one simple app. Aircover of course provides mobile anti-virus protection. Aircover checks your Android phone and apps against their up

Sprint Lone Carrier On New Mobile Security Council

We are reporting on Android Malware and other security factors way more often than we’d like to. Naturally when you’re activating over half a million Android devices per day, the risk for security threats increases as well. Factor in the amount of iPhone users (and of course Blackberry and Windows Phone users) than you’ll see

LookOut Mobile Security Now Supports Honeycomb

The pioneer in Android mobile security, LookOut Mobile, today announced that they now support Android Honeycomb tablets as well as Ice Cream Sandwich devices. LookOut has been a trusted name in Android security since 2009. Today they protect over 12 million users from malware, spyware, unsafe websites and other security threats.   In addition Lookout Mobile

Lookout: New Trojan Charges Premium Text Messages

Our friends at LookOut mobile security have tracked a new malicious Trojan that is targeting Android users. The Trojan called GGTracker sends unknowing Android users to a fake site that resembles the Android market site. From there users are prompted to download malicious apps that contain the GGTracker. That’s where it gets worse. Once installed

Google Pulls More Apps Infected By DroidDream Light

Yesterday, we gave you heads up on a malware that is affecting applications in the Android Market. This malware is by the some ones that had created DroidDream back in March and this new version is being referred to as DroidDream Light. Lookout has been keeping a close eye on this issue in the Android Market and

DroidDream Is Back!!!

It looks as if the pesky malware DroidDream has made its way back into the Android Market. This time the developers behind this malware have decided to strip it down and give it a fresh shot. So far a total of twenty six applications have been pulled from the Android Market containing this stripped down version of

Lookout! We’re Partying With LookOut And Thedroidguy At I/O

Come party with Lookout and Thedroidguy at Google I/O. Over the course of this weekend we are giving away 30 tickets to the exclusive Lookout Mobile Security Party at Google I/O. Come Party with Lookout Mobile Security and Thedroidguy May 9th 2011 in downtown San Francisco. LookOut’s favorite Microbrews will be on tap including: Big

Lookout Mobile Security For Android Thwarts Car Jackers

Police in Peoria Arizona are crediting the victim of a carjacking and her Android phone equipped with the Look Out Mobile Security App, with helping to quickly catch the perpetrators of her carjacking. When Jaime Jasso Jr, and Alexis Rojas allegedly (remember their innocent until proven guilty and all that) held the owner of a

Symantec Issues Warning About Another Android Malware

There is an application in the Android Market called “Walk & Text” it was an innovative idea where it would put up a view of your Android devices rear facing camera so that you could see it and text at the same time, allowing you to see what’s in front of you. According to Symantec,