New Android App Alerts You When You Are Being Tracked

The latest news regarding the NSA gathering information on almost everyone has a lot of people concerned about their privacy. This is the very reason why a group of researchers have come up with an Android app that notifies users whenever an app in their device tries to track their location. Lead project developer Janne

Android 4.4 Location Settings

Leaked Android 4.4 screenshots show improved location settings

A new screenshot accessed by Android Police has revealed some changes coming to the standard location settings on Android 4.4.  The new Location Settings page reveals three options for the users to choose from – High accuracy, Battery saving and Device sensors only. High accuracy makes use of Wi-Fi, mobile internet and GPS to pinpoint

FourSquare brings a native tablet app to Android but not iOS

Foursquare has broken the trend and instead of releasing an iPad app went straight to releasing a native tablet app for Android devices. The new update features a new map browsing experience for tablets and larger screened phones, also there are improvements to the Explore feature. This is nice for the Android users of the

App Battle: Location-based Apps

Hello again, Droid Guy readers and welcome back to the App Battle!  This week I’ll be taking a look at location-based apps.  I’ve hand picked a few of the most popular apps based on location sharing, and once again, I’ve put them all on my Android device, and played with them, all for your benefit.