Google IO Live: Day 2 Keynote Part ONE

9:59am Peter Vesterbacka from Rovio on stage talking about Angry Birds for Chrome. Just announced you can play the complete game off line 9:54am Chrome Web Store in app percentage for google is only 5% 9:51am showing the importance of frictionless in app payment 9:50am 9:48am: Chrome Webstore launching today in 41 languages and available

Samsung Live: From the Continuum

6:45PM Gallery 6:44PM- No mention of Nexus 2 6:43PM-Lainches with 2.1 6:40PM  Ticker functions:  – Start Screen, time weather, etc Notifications RSS Feeds Ticker History- Bring up the stream of notifications, RSS feeds, emails, texts, etc Bult in VZ Navigator Support, the ticker will show the next instruction Multi Media- Ticker will still have music/media