Crowdfunding the Ubuntu Edge: Is it worth your US$830?

Source: Ubuntu Should you invest US$830 in trying to fund the creation of the Ubuntu Edge? For the first 5,000 takers or twenty-four hours, you could sign up for an Ubuntu Edge, to be delivered in May 2014 for US$600. The first 5,040 takers were signed up for an Ubuntu Edge in less than thirteen

Ubuntu Edge: Has the age of the SmartBrick arrived?

Image Source: Ubuntu The Ubuntu Edge smartphone is the embodiment of all the aspirations Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu Founder and Chief Guru, has for Canonical and its Ubuntu Linux operating system. In 2011, foreseeing the decline of the desktop market, Canonical embarked on a project to take the Ubuntu desktop operating system mobile. The initiative, announced

Ubuntu Edge by the Numbers: Twelve Hours and US$3 Million

Twelve hours ago, Canonical started its campaign to crowd source funding for its first smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge. This is probably the most ambitious crowd sourcing campaign in history. Canonical aims to raise US$32 million in thirty days. In less than thirteen hours, Canonical has raised a tad over US$3 million. Those contributing US$600 for

Are You a Smartphone Collector?

If not, maybe you might want to consider picking up a new hobby. Photo Credit: Auction Team Breker In a few days, one of the first Apple computers ever built is going to be sold at auction at Christie’s. It is expected to fetch a modest sum of US$500,000. I say modest, because last month,

Steam For Linux Beta Now Open To The Public

Christmas has come early for Linux gamers, as Valve is officially opening up the Steam for Linux beta to the public. It’s easy enough to sign up. Interested participants simply register and download the client as a PC user would. There are currently 39 games available to Linux users on Steam, but the amount becoming

Rasperry Pi Opens App Store

The makers of the Raspberry Pi, the tiny $25 to $35 Linux-based computer, have officially launched the Raspberry Pi App Store for users of the device. According to the announcement on the Raspberry Pi website, they are “launching the Pi Store to make it easier for developers of all ages to share their games, applications,

AMD unveils new Z-Series processor dubbed as ‘Hondo’

While ARM-based processors dominate the tablet market today, Microsoft’s Windows 8 provides x86-based CPUs a fresh shot at the market. Intel was the first one to adapt to the growing market but Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shows no sign of backing down in the competition it is well-acquainted with. Consequently, the company recently announced its