How To Perform A Factory Reset On LINKSYS Routers

When you perform a factory reset on your LINKSYS router all of the settings that were made will be reverted to its initial values. Make sure to have a copy of your personalized configurations such as username, password, and other security settings. To perform a factory reset: To begin a hard reset, first find the

5 Best WiFi Extenders In 2019

If you already pay for internet, you may be wondering what the purpose of investing in a WiFi extender is. If you have problems with slow internet and constant buffering, then chances are, you’ll be happy to hear that a WiFi extender may be able to help you. Basically, WiFi extenders are a unit you

Belkin Announces The Total Purchase Of Linksys

Belkin just finalized the complete acquisition of Linksys from Cisco according to CNET. Despite the said announcement, however, it was clear that Linksys is too big of a name to remove it from the picture. Hence, it is understandable why Belkin opted to keep Linksys a separate brand. Linksys was bought by Cisco back in

Cisco To Sell Linksys Division To Belkin

Cisco is changing its business strategy by focusing more on becoming a top enterprise IT vendor and leaving behind its consumer business. In line with this, the company will be selling its Linksys division to Belkin. Linksys was acquired by Cisco in 2003 and this line carried a diverse range of home networking products. How