Flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may arrive soon

A flexible display Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could be released sometime in October, according to a new report. The device could be the much-awaited first smartphone with a flexible display. LG, it would be recalled, was rumored to be preparing a flexible display smartphone. Some had suspected that it would be the LG Vu 3.

LG Vu 3

LG Vu 3 to be released in October

The LG Vu 3 will be unveiled in October, according to the Korean publication ETNews. The device will be pitted against the recently-unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Both the LG Vu 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sport large displays over 5 inches as well as flaunt powerful innards. LG Vu 3 specifications The