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[Deal] Unlocked LG V10 for $274.99

The #LGV10 is an attractive handset, which changed the smartphone market to a great extent. This device can now be purchased via eBay for just $274.99. The handset is unlocked, allowing you to pair with any carrier of your choice. What makes the LG V10 special is the presence of the second ticker display right above

[Deal] Unlocked 32GB LG V10 for $239.95

LG’s dynamite smartphone from 2015, the #LGV10 is now selling on eBay for just $239.95. Although the phone wasn’t the hit that the company expected, it has a special place in our hearts as it was the first device to introduce a secondary ticker display. This combined by the fact that it was a truly

LG V10

[Deal] T-Mobile LG V10 for $199.99

The T-Mobile version of the #LGV10 is now available on eBay for just $199.99. We previously saw a Verizon + unlocked version of the handset, but it’s good to see that there’s something meant exclusively for T-Mobile customers. As you probably know, the LG V10 is one of the most attractive flagships to come out

[Deal] Verizon + unlocked LG V10 for $254.99

The #Verizon branded #LGV10 is now selling on eBay for just $254.99. The device is compatible with both Verizon and GSM carriers. The smartphone comes with a very exciting hardware specs sheet even though it’s a late 2015 flagship. This was considered to be one of the best LG handsets available in the market until last

[Deal] 64GB T-Mobile LG V10 for $224.99

The T-Mobile branded #LGV10 is now available through eBay for just $224.99. The smartphone comes with a fairly attractive specs sheet on board, which makes it an exciting device at this price point. The handset is only sold in the Space Black color variant as of now. It should be noted that the device is

[Deal] 64GB unlocked LG V10 for $400.99

Let’s face it. The #LGV10 from last year was one of the most attractive devices to have released. The only problem for LG was the timing of the release. Bringing it out that late in the year basically meant that it had to compete with the Apple iPhones for attention in the mobile industry. However,

[Deal] 64GB T-Mobile LG V10 for $224.99

The T-Mobile branded #LGV10 can now be yours for a miserly $224.99. The seller is offering the 64GB variant of the flagship here, which means you’re getting the top-end model for the price. Given the kind of features that it’s packing, the LG V10 for just under $225 seems like a steal, really. However, there’s

[Deal] 64GB T-Mobile LG V10 for $249.99

You can now get the T-Mobile #LGV10 for just $249.99 on eBay. The seller is offering the manufacturer refurbished version of the handset. The device is available in a 64GB configuration here, so you’re getting the top end variant for this price. The LG V10 was well ahead of its time, although the sales charts would

[Deal] 64GB T-Mobile LG V10 for $209.99

The LG V10 can now be yours for just $209.99 courtesy of a deal over at eBay. This is the T-Mobile version of the handset, which means you won’t be able to use the device with just any GSM carrier. To make the deal relatively sweeter for the customers, the retailer is offering the 64GB version

T-Mobile LG V10 receiving a minor security patch

Own a #LGV10 from T-Mobile? Well, an update should soon be hitting your device. It’s not known if this is one of the monthly security patches from Google or just a routine patch to some issue we weren’t aware of. Either way, it’s not a major update, although it weighs in at a hefty 459MB. So


AT&T offering BOGO on Galaxy S7, LG G5 and more

AT&T is now offering an attractive BOGO (buy-one-get-one free) offer on multiple flagships. This is valid on devices bought via AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year plans. The deal is valid on the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 (32GB), Galaxy S6 Active (32GB), LG G5 and the LG V10. As you can see, the Galaxy

LG to release the V10 successor sometime in September: Reports

The #LGV10 was one of my favorite smartphones from 2015, mainly due to the kind of hardware that the company crammed into the device. All this without making it look ridiculous. Word from the grapevine suggests that the Korean manufacturer is prepping the release of a successor sooner than expected. A Korean news outlet is

[Deal] Unlocked LG V10 for $489

The #LGV10 flagship can be yours for just $489 through a deal over at eBay. Although we’ve seen the handset for much cheaper out there, the device comes with hardware to rival even the best in the business today. Keeping this in mind, just short of $500 doesn’t seem like much for the LG V10.

[Deal] 64GB LG V10 for $329.95

The #LGV10 is now selling for a miserly $329.95 from an eBay seller, which is perhaps the lowest price we’ve seen on the handset so far. What makes it better is the fact that the retailer is offering the 64GB version of the handset, which is accompanied by a microSD card slot, so storage will

[Deal] Unlocked LG V10 for $429

You can now get the #LGV10 for just $429 courtesy of eBay. This late 2015 LG flagship has seen a dip in pricing after the unveiling of the LG G5. But in terms of innovation and new features, the V10 is not far behind from the G5. It comes with a secondary ticker display on top,

[Deal] LG V10 for just $429.99

LG’s spectacular flagship, the #V10 can now be grabbed for just $429.99 courtesy of a deal running via eBay. This is easily the best handset you can buy right now as far as features are concerned, especially at this price. Further, the handset comes with a unique looking secondary ticker display on top which can be

[Deal] Refurb 64GB Verizon LG V10 for $349.99

The #LGV10 is one of the best devices to come out of LG’s sheds last year, but for some reason went unnoticed in the market. This stellar flagship can now be yours for just $349.99 courtesy of a new deal over at eBay. The handset is seller refurbished and locked to work only with Verizon,

AT&T LG V10 now getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

The AT&T version of the #LGV10 is now receiving #Android 6.0 #Marshmallow. The update brings a flurry of changes on board and is by far the most exciting update to have landed on the device. It is important to note that most carrier variants and unlocked models of the LG V10 have already received the Android