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LG Revolution And Motorola Droid 3 Go EOL

It’s funny that last year as we headed into CES we were anxiously awaiting the announcement of the LG Revolution, one of four new Android handsets headed to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Now we are hearing by way of  Phandroid that the the LG Revolution has reached the end of the line. Along with the

Some Carolina & Tennessee Cities To Get Verizon 4G/LTE Thursday

Good news this morning from Verizon Wireless and their Carolina and Tennessee President, Jim Fountain. You can look for some major 4G/LTE expansion in North Carolina and Tennessee.  If you live in one of these  states you can look for faster speeds and reliability as well as access to Verizon’s line up of 4G/LTE devices

LG Revolution Headed To MetroPCS As LG Bryce

Metro PCS the first carrier in America to offer a 4G/LTE network is adding another Android device to it’s roster.  With Virgin Mobile on the brink of releasing a powerful Android device to it’s prepaid customers in the Motorola Triumph, MetroPCS is firing back by bringing the LG Bryce. The LG Bryce bares a very

2 Awesome Contests, 4 Awesome Android Prizes!

We’ve got two awesome Android contests running right now. If you spent the weekend under a rock we want to quickly bring you up to speed. First off we are giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the “Sing For Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” contest.  We’re sure you’re aware of singing for your

Netflix Finally Coming To Android Via The LG Revolution

Android users have been waiting for the ability to watch Netflix instant streaming on their devices for awhile now.However, due to DRM issues that Netflix has been working on we have yet to see an official Netflix application. However, we have seen Netflix running on the Motorola Xoom, along with a hack here or there

Verizon’s Been Busy With Droid!

This last week a lot of stories have been surfacing about the upcoming Droid branded Android phones on Verizon Wireless. Couple that with the probably solid rumor we heard about the iPhone 5 and you’ll agree that now is a great time for Droid. First off, the great crew over at Droid Life (Kellex was

VoLTE Will Bring HD Calling, Verizon Will Show Us At MWC

When we were on the conference call for Verizon’s original 4G/LTE announcement All Things Digital’s Ina Fried asked about Voice Over LTE. It was a great question as Verizon is working on a nationwide 4G/LTE network and it would be nice to harness the power of LTE for doing things like, ohhhhhh making phone calls…