LG Optimus G Pro Problems, Questions and Solutions [Part 1]

I’m starting out our LG Optimus G Pro Problems series because there are considerably a lot of G Pro owners who emailed us. In this post, there are five problems that were addressed. If your issue wasn’t covered here, feel free to contact us anytime. We will do everything to help our readers and we

Best inexpensive Android phablets: bigger + cheaper = better

Bigger is better. That’s a nutshell description of the recent mobile market trend favoring size over palpable “innovation”, which some tried to enforce as a rule for future “evolution”. But it didn’t really catch on as an ultimate dictum. Instead, many nuanced it, envisioning a world of not just super-sized gadgets, but giants with a

Android 4.4 KitKat rolls out to European LG Optimus G, this time for real

After one too many false alarms, misunderstandings and unsubstantiated rumors, it appears LG Optimus G users are at last closing in on KitKat resolution. Joyful resolution, that is, as they definitely won’t be left behind. Instead, they’ll get with the times this month, according to claims from SFR France. Granted, the Western European operator isn’t

LG G Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Specs Comparison

Emboldened by its fruitful collaboration with Google for arguably the best Nexus phone yet, the N5, always underdog LG has last year turned the page to a new, exciting chapter in the company’s evolution, strengthening its position as potential future Samsung rival thanks to the outstanding G2. And now they’re at it again, taking the

LG Optimus G Pro only $79.99 on Amazon

If you’re on AT&T and in the market for a huge phone, Amazon may have the deal for you. The Optimus G Pro, which was just only recently released, is now only $79.99 on Amazon. This is $20 lower than AT&T’s regular price of $99.99, so it’s a good grab. This deal is available to

LG Optimus G Pro To Be Introduced In The US This May 1

LG’s first smartphone to breach the 5 inch mark will officially be launched in the United States next month. The South Korean company will be launching the LG Optimus G Pro this coming May 1 in a press event to be held in New York City. The event will include a concert by the band

LG Optimus G Pro coming on at&t

  A few days back we had reported that LG had managed to sell over half a million handsets in their home country just within 40 days of its launch. This was one hell of a feat for a company which has a humble market share in the smart phone industry as compared to its

21 Android Devices with Quad-core Processors Set to Launch in 2013

The year 2013 is the year for enthusiasts and specs-conscious mobile owners. There will be a lot of devices to feature quad-core chips and most of them are flagships. We have aggregated all quad-core devices announced since January this year and there are already 21 devices that would surely be released in the first half.