Google/Huawei Nexus 6P vs LG Nexus 5X – specs comparison

They say the smartphone space is slowly but steadily getting too crowded for anyone besides Apple to post a constant profit. Tablets are dying, and conventional PCs linger in purgatory, yet an obvious market saturation seems to prevent handhelds from further growing. As such, it’s no wonder companies like HTC or Microsoft badly want to

Nexus 5

LG Nexus to reportedly pack a fingerprint sensor

Reports have given us plenty of details about the LG Nexus smartphone as well as the upcoming Huawei made Nexus phablet. While Huawei’s Nexus handset was said to be packing a fingerprint scanner, we hadn’t heard the same about LG’s offering. But that changes today as a new report from South Korea tells us that LG’s

Nexus future previewed: who should make the next ‘pure Google’ tablet(s)?

One cold, bleak morning a few months back, a controversial yet often dependable Russian blogger broke the ominous “news”. Apparently, Google was and likely is planning to discard our beloved stock Android-running Nexus devices in favor of an augmented GPE product portfolio. Which is perfectly fine software-wise, as Google Play gadgets are just as “untainted”

Leaked Log Files Confirm Core Nexus 5 Specs

Google’s Nexus is highly anticipated to be one of the finest pieces of technology ever made – we even did a feature to show just what some of the top reasons why this 5 incher will smoke its competition including Samsung’s galaxy S4, LG’s G2 and Apple’s iPhone 5S.  What is more interesting is that