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[Deal] T-Mobile LG G3 for $99.99

T-Mobile’s LG G3 is now up for grabs on eBay for just $99.99. The smartphone might be about two years old in the industry, but is still a capable offering considering the kind of hardware it’s packing. Besides, since the retailer is only asking for a cent shy of $100, you can’t do much better

[Deal] Verizon LG G3 for $99.99

The Verizon Wireless branded LG G3 is now available for a very attractive price of $99.99 on eBay. The smartphone is available in three colors from the retailer, so there are plenty of options to pick from. The LG G3 is the company’s flagship from a couple of years ago, but is still a very


[Deal] Verizon LG G3 for $109.99

The #Verizon branded #LGG3 is now available from eBay for just $109.99. The smartphone is locked to work with the carrier, so you won’t have luck using it with any other GSM carrier in the States. Although the handset’s reach might be limited due to carrier exclusivity, we think it’s a very exciting option for Verizon

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 for $99.99

AT&T’s version of the #LGG3 is now available from eBay for a throwaway price of $99.99. Although the handset was originally meant for AT&T, it is unlocked to work with a variety of GSM carriers in the U.S. This means that you can pair the device with the likes of T-Mobile, Straight Talk etc without

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 for $124.99

The #LGG3 is now available from eBay for just $124.99. The smartphone is originally from T-Mobile, but has been unlocked to work with any GSM provider, so your options are plenty. For those who do not recall, the LG G3 is a handset from 2014 and was not exactly a quick seller, but a popular


[Deal] Verizon LG G3 for $99.99

The #Verizon #LGG3 is now selling courtesy of an eBay retailer for just $99.99. The handset is locked to work with the carrier, so GSM carriers are out of luck here. If you happen to be a Verizon subscriber though, this should be a very good deal, especially since this is a 2014 flagship. The LG

[Deal] LG G3 for $89.99

You can now purchase the 2014 #LG flagship, the #G3 for just $89.99 from eBay. This is a manufacturer refurbished unit. Although the handset was originally an AT&T model, it has been unlocked to function with a wide range of carriers in the U.S. We’re guessing it will work with most GSM networks around the world,

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 for $149.99

Interested in snatching up a decent flagship offering on the cheap? The #LGG3 might be of interest to you, which is currently on sale via eBay for just $149.99. Although the handset is unlocked, it is also compatible with Verizon Wireless‘ networks, opening up a wide range of possibilities for prospective buyers. In terms of

T-Mobile and AT&T LG G3 getting the Marshmallow update

AT&T and T-Mobile’s version of the #LGG3 are now receiving the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update, a new report has found. Users should be finding the update on the smartphones by now, with notifications said to be reaching devices already. Naturally, it might take some time to reach all devices, so make sure you remain patient if you’re

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 for $159.99

A new unit of the #LGG3 is now available for just $159.99 from an eBay retailer. This is the Verizon model, but unlocked to work with GSM carriers as well, making this a pretty exciting proposition for all interested buyers. The handset might be two years old, but still holds a certain value in the

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 for $129.99

The #LGG3 can now be yours for a miserly $129.99 thanks to a deal running over at eBay. This 2014 LG flagship might be outdated for many, but it’s a known fact that the device is still supported by LG. The smartphone was the company’s first device to sport a Quad HD display panel, so

[Deal] Verizon LG G3 for $129.95

A retailer over at eBay is offering the #LGG3 from 2014 for a remarkable $129.95. This is the #VerizonWireless model of the handset, which means that you won’t be able to use it with a standard GSM network. The seller is offering the smartphone in Black or White color variants as of now, so you

[Deal] Refurb LG G3 for $134.99

LG’s G3 flagship from 2014 can now be yours for just $134.99 courtesy of eBay. The retailer is offering a seller refurbished version of the handset at this price, which is pretty decent. Even though you’re not getting a brand new device, the pricing somewhat negates that particular aspect. The LG G3 was the first