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LG’s upcoming mini smartphone will be known as the LG G3 S

LG announced the G3 Beat in China not too long ago, suggesting that it could be the much awaited mini variant of the G3. However, a leaked German user manual suggests that the smartphone could break cover as the LG G3S instead, indicating that the G3 Beat is a China only offering. Evleaks revealed a


New leak reveals the dual SIM version of the LG G3 Mini

We’ve known about the arrival of the LG G3 Mini for quite some time now, but we’re getting our first look of the handset courtesy of a new leak on Twitter. This appears to be something which is taken straight from the smartphone’s user manual, so it’s not exactly a best look of the device. But

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LG G3 Mini for AT&T spotted at the FCC

The LG G3 Mini or the LG G3 Beat, has leaked out before as a lesser equipped variants of the G3 flagship. And it seems like the smartphone could soon make its way to AT&T, according to an FCC listing. It doesn’t tell much, but it’s clear that the handset will sport a 127 mm display

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LG G3 Mini expected to be smaller than the predecessor

A new rumor claims that the LG G3 Mini which is expected to break cover soon will feature a smaller display compared to the predecessor, the G2 Mini. There have been complaints among fans that the G2 Mini wasn’t exactly mini even though the name suggested otherwise, so it’s a logical move to make the

LG G3 Mini spotted in an import database

The LG G3 Mini (D722) has just been spotted on an Indian import database. The existence of this device has been revealed roughly a week after the LG G3 was announced, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. Devices usually circulate across the globe for testing purposes all the time, so it’s