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LG G3 Beat

LG G3 Beat

[Deal] Unlocked LG G3 Beat for $89.99

You can now acquire the budget ranged #LG #G3Beat for just $89.99 on eBay. The smartphone doesn’t boast of a mightily attractive hardware specs sheet, but then again, you’re not spending a lot of money on the device either. The G3 Beat here is unlocked, which means you can pair the device with any GSM carrier

[Deal] LG G3 Beat for $79.99

LG’s affordable offering from 2014, the #G3Beat is now up for grabs at an attractive price of $79.99. The smartphone is alternatively known as the LG G3S in some markets. In terms of hardware, the G3 Beat is a budget offering at best, but that’s expected given the price being quoted here. Regardless of those

[Deal] LG G3 Beat for $79.99

The #LG #G3Beat can now be snapped up for just $79.99 via online retailer eBay. The handset is also known as the G3 Vigor, G3 S depending on the market and the carrier, but the hardware underneath remains pretty much the same. Anyway, the handset is sold in Black or White color variants and comes

[Deal] LG G3 Beat for $99.99

The #LG #G3Beat can be snatched up from an eBay retailer for just $99.99. The seller is offering the smartphone in Black and White color variants, although the Gold model is currently missing from the list. This is a brand new unit here and not a refurbished item, which makes the deal even more attractive.

Best contemporary HD (720p) Android smartphones

Quad HD handheld display resolution is overkill, and everybody knows that. Including the device manufacturers trying so hard to sell the “feature” as something that’s not – useful and groundbreaking. Well, yeah, sure, it’s innovative and all on paper, but the end consumer needs a magnifying glass to tell the difference between 1,920 x 1,080

LG G3 Beat

LG G3 Beat goes official sporting a 5 inch display

Following weeks of speculation and leaks, LG has officially unveiled the G3 Beat a.k.a. the G3 S earlier today sporting a midrange hardware. It’s certainly not a mini device as most of us would have expected and merely a midrange variant of the standard G3 with a slightly smaller display. The 5 inch display on the

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LG G3 Mini for AT&T spotted at the FCC

The LG G3 Mini or the LG G3 Beat, has leaked out before as a lesser equipped variants of the G3 flagship. And it seems like the smartphone could soon make its way to AT&T, according to an FCC listing. It doesn’t tell much, but it’s clear that the handset will sport a 127 mm display

LG G3 Beat - LG G3

LG G3 Beat could be the rumored LG G3 Mini

With the LG G3 all set to take the markets by storm, we’re now coming across a smaller variant of the handset going by the G3 Beat moniker. The device has been spotted in a China trade show, so it’s not clear if the smartphone will ever venture its way outside the region. It’s clear however that