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How To Fix Common LG G2 Problems and Errors

Honestly, I’ve been so pre-occupied with Samsung devices this past few months that it took me this long to address problems sent to us by our readers who use the LG G2. Some of the problems I cited in this post are not really that common. For example, the third issue is about the possible

[Deal] LG G2 for $79.99

Remember the #LGG2? Well, the 2013 LG flagship can now be yours for just $79.99 thanks to a deal running over at eBay. The handset was one of the first handsets to introduce the rear facing buttons. This was also the first device to ditch LG’s ‘Optimus’ moniker, following the release of the Optimus G

Best affordable Android smartphones already on Lollipop

According to official Android distribution numbers harvested by Google during the week leading to May 4, a measly 9.7 percent of all devices with the world’s most popular mobile OS inside run 5.0 or 5.1 Lollipop. That’s certainly disappointing, given 5.0 source code was freely disseminated back in early November 2014 and Android M’s “final”

Get A Refurbished LG G2 For $159 On eBay

The LG G4 will be available within the next month or so, but it’s two-year old predecessor is still a very good device. And you can get one for just $159.99 on eBay. This specific device is a T-Mobile variant, so it is locked to that carrier. Even if you ask T-Mobile to unlock the device, there

Sprint Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop For The LG G2

After the other major carriers in the US have released Android 5.0 Lollipop for the LG G2, Sprint is finally releasing the update for their variant of the device. This is Android 5.0 Lollipop, not the recently release Android 5.1, so keep that in mind. But since this is Lollipop, you’ll get all the usual

The AT&T LG G2 Is Also Getting Lollipop

Not to be outdone by T-Mobile, AT&T has also released Android 5.0 for the LG G2. There are some slight differences, such as this being Android 5.0.1 and build number D80020y. The update is 721MB, so make sure to be plugged in and on Wifi when you download the update. You still get all the Android

The T-Mobile LG G2 Is Now Getting Android 5.0

A few days after its counterpart on Verizon got Lollipop, now the T-Mobile variant of the LG G2 is getting Android 5.0. This is the same Lollipop as on other devices, except optimized for T-Mobile’s network. The actual version of Android included here in 5.0.2, so you also get a few bug fixes with this

The LG G2 On Verizon Is Now Getting Lollipop

There is some good news today for you LG G2 owners on Verizon. After months of the device receiving updates to Lollipop in other regions of the world, now you will be able to update to Lollipop as well. With Lollipop you get all the benefits users of other devices have gotten, as well as an

Get An Unlocked LG G2 For $189 On eBay

The LG G4 might be on the horizon, but the LG G2 is still a great device. And today, as part of eBay’s Daily Deals, you can get an unlocked 32 GB model for just $189.99. For the same price, you could also get a Moto G, but with this device you will get a

LG G4 rumor roundup and preview – the next big thing or next best thing?

Yes, it’s a little early to put LG G3’s hotly anticipated sequel under the microscope, what with the Korean manufacturer recently confirming the G4 isn’t headed for a Mobile World Congress introduction next month. LG looked outright frantic when it echoed the “delay” compared to rumored timelines, stressing a Q2 itinerary following the direction set


32GB unlocked LG G2 now selling for $209.99 on eBay

The LG flagship from 2013, the LG G2 is now available for purchase at $209.99 via eBay. This is a brand new unlocked model of the handset, so customers will be greeted to a fresh box packed device. There’s free shipping on offer as well and taxes are applicable only in California. Available color options