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LG G Watch

[Deal] LG G Watch in Black for $74.99

The #LG #GWatch wearable was one of the first #AndroidWear smartwatches to hit the markets. Well, the wearable is now available for a miserly $74.99 thanks to a new deal running over at eBay. The smartwatch was ahead of its time when it was released and as someone who has personally owned the device, I can

LG G Watch

[Deal] LG G Watch selling for just $99 through Verizon

The first Android Wear smartwatch to be available in the markets, the LG G Watch is now selling for a paltry $99.99 through Verizon as part of a new deal. The smartwatch was previously priced at $229 when it was initially launched back in July last year. Since then, the G Watch has seen innumerable

Best Android-compatible smartwatches available for Christmas

There’s no more denying it. Wearable devices are the next big thing in mobile tech, and it’s just a matter of time until they’ll start competing with “old-fashioned” smartphones for mainstream popularity. We still don’t expect them to have a similar impact on handheld sales as tablets hurt conventional computers, but they will take a

LG G Watch - Play Store Discount

Google Play Store selling the LG G Watch for $179

Early last week, Best Buy started selling the LG G Watch for just $179.99. This was an anticipated move given the arrival of the LG G Watch R. And now, following Best Buy’s lead, Google has also reduced the pricing of the G Watch in the Play Store to just $179 down from $229. However, Google

LG G Watch - Gold and Black

LG G Watch selling for just $180 through Best Buy

Best Buy is now offering the LG G Watch wearable for a paltry $179.99 which is a $50 discount on the asking price. This comes as the company gears up to launch the G Watch R at the IFA event in a few days from now. Considering that the G Watch was one of the first

LG G Watch with AMOLED panel launching next month at IFA: Rumor

The LG G Watch was officially made available for purchase from July and has seen decent response since then. But according to a report from the Korea Times, the manufacturer will reportedly launch a newer variant of the smartwatch sporting an AMOLED display at the IFA event next month. Using an AMOLED panel could do a

LG G Watch Cradle

LG G Watch replacement charger arrives on the Play Store for $20

The Google Play Store has just received the official LG G Watch replacement charging cradle, priced at $19.99 excluding shipping. This will come as a decent alternative to your existing charger and could come in handy if you lose or misplace your original cradle. Given the odd arrangement involved in the charging of the G Watch,