[Deal] LG G Watch in Black for $74.99

The #LG #GWatch wearable was one of the first #AndroidWear smartwatches to hit the markets. Well, the wearable is now available for a miserly $74.99 thanks to a new deal running over at eBay. The smartwatch was ahead of its time when it was released and as someone who has personally owned the device, I can

LG G Watch

[Deal] LG G Watch selling for just $99 through Verizon

The first Android Wear smartwatch to be available in the markets, the LG G Watch is now selling for a paltry $99.99 through Verizon as part of a new deal. The smartwatch was previously priced at $229 when it was initially launched back in July last year. Since then, the G Watch has seen innumerable

Best Android-compatible smartwatches available for Christmas

There’s no more denying it. Wearable devices are the next big thing in mobile tech, and it’s just a matter of time until they’ll start competing with “old-fashioned” smartphones for mainstream popularity. We still don’t expect them to have a similar impact on handheld sales as tablets hurt conventional computers, but they will take a

LG G Watch - Play Store Discount

Google Play Store selling the LG G Watch for $179

Early last week, Best Buy started selling the LG G Watch for just $179.99. This was an anticipated move given the arrival of the LG G Watch R. And now, following Best Buy’s lead, Google has also reduced the pricing of the G Watch in the Play Store to just $179 down from $229. However, Google

LG G Watch - Gold and Black

LG G Watch selling for just $180 through Best Buy

Best Buy is now offering the LG G Watch wearable for a paltry $179.99 which is a $50 discount on the asking price. This comes as the company gears up to launch the G Watch R at the IFA event in a few days from now. Considering that the G Watch was one of the first

LG G Watch with AMOLED panel launching next month at IFA: Rumor

The LG G Watch was officially made available for purchase from July and has seen decent response since then. But according to a report from the Korea Times, the manufacturer will reportedly launch a newer variant of the smartwatch sporting an AMOLED display at the IFA event next month. Using an AMOLED panel could do a

LG G Watch Cradle

LG G Watch replacement charger arrives on the Play Store for $20

The Google Play Store has just received the official LG G Watch replacement charging cradle, priced at $19.99 excluding shipping. This will come as a decent alternative to your existing charger and could come in handy if you lose or misplace your original cradle. Given the odd arrangement involved in the charging of the G Watch,

LG G Watch

LG G Watch reportedly getting a minor OTA update

Some customers of the LG G Watch are reportedly getting an OTA update on the device. However, the update is not seeing widespread release at the moment, so we might have to wait a while to get clarification on what’s exactly new and changed. The build number will switch to KMV78Y post the update, so make

Minuum LG G Watch

Minuum keyboard demoed on the LG G Watch [Video]

Not too long ago, keyboard developer Minuum showed us a concept of a circular shaped keyboard for the Moto 360 smartwatch. And it seems like their plans weren’t just limited to one smartwatch, as the developers have now shown off the keyboard running on the LG G Watch. Unlike the previous announcement, this here is

AT&T to begin selling the LG G3 and the G Watch from July 11

Availability of the LG G3 has been slowly expanding over the last few days, and today, AT&T has announced that it will start selling LG’s latest flagship from July 11, for $199 on a two-year contract. The carrier will also be launching the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch on the same day for $229, and will

Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Getting Updates

The first Android Wear devices may have just arrived on some peoples’ doorsteps, but they are already getting software updates. The Samsung Gear Live received its first update last night and the LG G Watch has gotten it this morning. The Samsung Gear Live’s update keeps the firmware at Android 4.4W and the build number

LG G Watch Press

LG G Watch will set you back by $229 via the Play Store

Google announced that the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch smartwatches will be going up for pre-order via the Play Store later today, although no official word was mentioned on the price. But LG has now confirmed that its offering will cost $229 when it hits the Play Store on the 7th of